A guide to the best cooking herbs to grow in your apartment

March 23, 2020 | Apartment Living
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Do you love cooking, or perhaps simply the stomach-filling satisfaction of eating a great cook’s culinary creations? It might be that you have a big house with a spacious kitchen and all manner of top-shelf appliances and it’s nothing to whip up an enormous spread of gourmet grub for a throng of hungry party guests.

If you live in a bustling city, however, chances are you call an apartment home.  Big or small, loft living is all the rage in cities across the country and the Motor City’s downtown area is no stranger to the trend. In fact, when it comes to luxury apartments in Detroit, the Lofts of Merchants Row offer the finest in amenities, ideally located in the thick of it all.

If you’ve embraced downtown living and your inner foodie, we have good news. You don’t have to part with lots of money for spendy dried herbs—instead, grow them inside your apartment! These fan-favorite herbs are easy to grow and only need soil, sunlight, and water.


Like its physical form, dill’s flavor is a delicate hint of tangy sweetness that goes perfectly with salads, fresh veggies, fish, and even cocktails. It’s a quick grower from seed but favors late spring and summer for warmer temps and ample sunlight.


Rosemary is a magic elixir for most any dish. Once established, this hardy herb will thrive for many years. It’s not the easiest flora to grow from seed, however. Savvy “herbists” will track down rosemary transplants from a gardening store or plant a cutting until it roots. When the roots have dug in, you can move the cutting into potting mix and treat your fledgling to a toasty warm south-facing window.


If you love soups, stews and meaty roasts, bay is must-have in your herb collection. It grows very well in containers but doesn’t like to be too crowded. Make sure they have some breathing room.


Chives go well with most any meal (baked potatoes!) but are in no hurry to start growing from seed. Hot tip: buy a pack of chives and plant at home next to a sun-kissed window. After they settle in, chives will return every season. Once established, you’ll find that these tasty herbs come back with verve.


Cilantro is a staple for Detroit luxury apartment foodies and don’t even think about making a taco without it. It’s a super easy seed starter but requires ample sunlight.


Pesto, chicken, pizza. Basil has a knack for making any food better and it gets bonus points for an exhilarating smell that tickles the fancy. Grow from seed or transplants, and target longer days with warm temps.

Remember that most herbs are happiest with at least 6 hours of sunlight per day, but some varieties are tolerable of a little shade now and again. Concerned that your herbs aren’t fully enjoying apartment living with you? Move them to different windows to follow the sun if you can or set them on a stand underneath a grow light.

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