A Different Formula for Pi Day from Detroit…

March 14, 2020 | Detroit

It’s #PiDay. And while today is not a day for celebration, I’m finding some comfort looking back at 365 Days of 3.14 (okay, actually the other kind of #Pie) in #Detroit and the friends and neighbors I’ve shared it with. It’s more important than ever right now to think about and take care of those around us, and I’m grateful to live in a place where people care about their neighbors.

Throughout the year, Cannelle by Matt Knio, right around the corner from my loft, shows its customers love — and they went all out for Valentine’s Day!

Avalon International Breads Cafe and Bakery, just down the block from my Downtown Detroit loft, is famous for their comfort food (and pie) — this Pecan treat brought more than sunshine to my family in December!

Across the street from my loft, Mootz Pizzeria + Bar has a different kind of pie altogether (#pizza!) to complete the circle — this is a slice-of-life snapshot from one of my Lofts’ Resident Events last fall, where they host a night for neighbors to get together and get to know one another!

Right now is a good time to remember how important all the people around us are. Living in Downtown Detroit, where I have shared such good times with my neighbors at local businesses, reminds me that we are always all in this together. A lot of love and work went into making each of these pies — and that same love is always working to feed and fuel the strength of this community! And this is the message I wanted to share with our neighbors in Detroit and all around the world.

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