Tailgating Tips When You Live in Downtown Detroit!

October 06, 2018 | Detroit

Did you know there are actually websites that offer ‘Tailgating Tips’?

I didn’t. But maybe that’s because living in a Downtown Detroit luxury loft, just blocks from Ford Field, tailgating is almost effortless.

The first tip I encountered was to “Plan to arrive four hours before the game starts.” Done.  Because I’m already here. I can see Ford Field from my loft windows. And I can walk there in less than five minutes.

The next tip was to “Always keep a toolbox packed with tailgate essentials in the trunk of your car.” Since I have a kitchen fitted out with everything from stainless steel appliances to granite countertops I always already have everything I might need at hand! Including an icemaker. Because, yes, keeping beverages well below room temperature is not a tip—it’s a necessity.

Another tip I found was to have a balloon attached to my car or location so my friends could find me. Again, living right downtown, my friends know exactly where to find me (my front door is always in the same place, just blocks from Ford Field) and they can use my Secured Parking with Valet for their car if they choose.

Alright, I found it very helpful, if not for gameday tailgating but just general knowledge to know how to open a bottle of beer with my car door. I plan to try this. Tomorrow. With someone else’s car.

The next tip I discovered was that I should ‘Get to know my neighbors.’ I’ve got this spread covered on gameday and, well, every day living right in the heart of Downtown Detroit in a luxury loft. I get to know the regulars when it comes to tailgating via someone with a literal tail (Little Dog) and I know all my neighbors because my luxury loft hosts Resident Events every month where I am always meeting new friends from my building.

The last tip for successful tailgating I found was to ‘Relax and have fun.’ Which is, again, preaching to the choir, as every day I get to do both. I am surrounded by incredible eateries, four professional sports teams, more pubs than I can count, and my loft is, well, luxurious. So, even when my team is on the road, I can pregame and root them on from the comfort of my couch.

Which basically means ALL games are Home Games! And when Home Sweet Home is in Downtown Detroit, life is a #WIN!


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