6 Awesome Interior Design Websites and Apps

December 08, 2017 | Apartment Living

When it comes to interior design, you may have ideas about what you want or you might be completely in the dark. Either way, there are tons of targeted websites and apps available to help you muddle through. Here are a handful of awesome resources to help you get started decorating your new space at The Lofts of Merchants Row.

1. Houzz

Looking around your loft, apartment, or house, you may start to feel overwhelmed. How can you turn your digs into a functional, comfortable, and stylish representation of your personal preferences and tastes? The place to begin is with Houzz, which is arguably the godfather of online design resources. The website and app offer countless ideas for inspiration, help you find items you like, and even provide handy features like View in My Room 3D that let you virtually install items in your space to try before you buy.

2. Like That Decor and Furniture

Online databases are a dime a dozen these days, but when it comes to loft living, you need one that helps you find the perfect pieces for your space. Suppose you’re out and about and you happen to see the perfect sofa, side table, or chandelier. Just snap a pic and this app will cross reference a database of over 25 million products to tell you what you’re looking at and where to find it, along with similar items you might like even better.

3. Photo Measures

Before you can even start to think about turning your house into a home, you need to know what kind of space you’re working with, and this means going through the tedium of taking measurements. If you have yet to discover the differences between house and apartment living when it comes to adding furniture and decor, you’ll learn pretty quickly why exact measurements are a must when you can’t get a couch through the door. The Photo Measures app lets you take a pic of any room and input measurements so you know exactly how much space you have in every room and along every surface.

4. Color911

Unless you’re an art major that has extensively studied the color wheel, you might not be particularly confident creating color schemes for your space. Color911 takes the guesswork out of the equation by providing beautifully curated palettes to choose from, as well as the option to create your own custom palettes if you’re feeling brave.

5. Home Design 3D Gold

If you’re seeking the gold standard for interior design apps, this one lets you plan out all of your decor, down to the last bedknob and broomstick. You can easily drag and drop furniture into your floor plan, but you can go a lot further, even changing the space by knocking out walls or raising ceilings, just for example.

6. Zillow Digs

You might think the apartment tips on Zillow begin and end with house hunting, but this latest offering from this RE estimate company extends their reach into the world of interior design, providing full layouts that include estimates for your interior design projects. Then it helps you find retailers to complete your projects so you can get started on the kitchen, bathroom, man cave, or she shed of your dreams.

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