5 ways to spruce up your apartment for fall

November 29, 2018 | Detroit Seasons

As the leaves change, as the air begins to cool, and as we swap shorts and sandals for boots and pants, we may find ourselves scouring the aisles of home décor stores searching for the perfect pieces to turn our homes into figurative fall pumpkin patches. When you are unsure of how to start decorating your loft for fall, it can turn from being a pleasant experience to an overwhelming one. At The Lofts of Merchants Row, decorating nice apartments in Detroit for fall is one of our specialties. It all comes down to what you love most about this popular season.

1. Set a Budget
It is very easy to walk into a store with every intention to buy one fall candle and to then leave with two-cart’s-worth of fall decorations. A great fall decorating “theme” that is budget-friendly is a pumpkin patch. Most stores will have pumpkin decorations for reasonable prices and will usually have the prices marked down after Halloween. An added “trick” is to use real pumpkins and gourds as decorations. Grocery stores usually have a bounty of various gourds and pumpkins this time of year and they make for excellent centerpieces or added decorations in foyers or dining rooms.

2. Don’t Ignore Pillows
An easy way to spruce up your apartment for fall is to purchase new throw pillows for your couch, chairs, and bed. Because fall tends to coincide with cooler weather, it is likely that you and your loved ones will be spending more time inside. Cozying up your space with plush throw pillows in a variety of sizes and patterns is a great way to invite autumn into your home in a warm and cozy way.

3. Double-Up on Area Rugs
Like pillows, the location of your area rugs is another way that you can spruce up your apartment for fall while adding a level of use and practicality to the equation. By doubling-up on area rugs (layering them in a way that the bottom rug pokes out enough below the top rug to create a layered effect), you add texture and warmth to the room while also creating a warmer space temperature-wise. This decorating trick allows for you and your guests to have warmer feet during the colder months as well.

4. Change Your Bedding
When anyone is on the hunt for luxury apartments for rent in Michigan, one of the first things that they consider is whether they will be able to sleep soundly in their new loft. Do not neglect the room you spend a good deal of your time in when decorating your home for fall. Swap your summertime bedding out for bedding that complements the season. Thick comforters and throws made of warm colors can instantly transform your bedroom into a bedroom that is suitable for fall.

5. Buy Seasonal Dishes
A great way to add fall decorations to your loft is to set your dining table with unique, seasonal pieces. Because fall is a full season and not simply one holiday, you will get a lot of use out of your fall-themed dishes and autumnal centerpieces.

At the Lofts of Merchants Row, spacious floorplans make decorating your loft an enjoyable experience. Give these five tips a go to turn your loft into the fall-themed loft of your dreams.

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