5 tips for meeting new people in your apartment community

July 29, 2018 | Apartment Living
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Moving to a new place is always exciting when you get to anticipate things like new decorating opportunities and furniture. It can also be challenging to change your daily routine and acclimate to your new neighborhood. The best thing you can do to make yourself feel at home is to make friends with the people living around you.

Fostering a community of neighbors can feel vulnerable. Luckily, you are literally not alone. Just short of lingering around the mailboxes or trying to time your entrances just right, there are a number of ways to go about meeting new people.

  1. Get Active

Once you have secured a nice apartment in Detroit or a similar city, the next thing to do is start meeting people. Walk around! Whether you are taking out the garbage or checking your mail, say hi to whomever you meet. The more approachable you are, the more people you will befriend.

  1. Be Social

Luxury apartments for rent in Michigan tend to offer a wealth of amenities. The amenities, like those at The Lofts of Merchants Row, are probably what drew you to your new place. What better way to start meeting people than to bump into them while exploring your new home. The gym, pool, or clubhouse are all great places to start.

In addition to amenities, you might find that your apartment offers social events and gatherings. You will definitely want to check them out. Not only are they a great way to meet people, the people attending these events are the people that want to meet you too.

  1. Break The Ice

Once you have identified some favorite apartment amenities and social outlets, you will have the opportunity to start mixing and mingling. Introduce yourself to people who seem interesting. Obviously, if you both found yourself at the dog park or in the gym, you share common interests. Use the fact that you just moved in as your opening line and go from there.

  1. Host a Party

Once you start to make new acquaintances, it is a great idea to plan an event. Whether you decide to host a BBQ, book club, or game night, a gathering is a great way to get to know people in a relaxed environment. You can invite people by posting flyers near the mailboxes or on bulletin boards, or keep it small by inviting people on your floor or those you have already met.

  1. Neighbor Dates

Now that you have met a number of new people, you have the chance to get to know them better. One-on-one chats offer a low-pressure environment that will allow you to strengthen your new friendship. Make a plan to play tennis, take your dog for a walk, or sit by the pool after work.

If you want to meet people in your new apartment complex, you just have to take action and do it. The more you put yourself out there, the quicker your new apartment will start to feel like home.

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