5 Tips for Designing a Beautiful Wall Gallery in Your Downtown Detroit Loft

April 12, 2020 | Uncategorized

The wall gallery may be a fashionable design trend, but it carries on a timeless tradition found in family homes all over the world. Reserving a large portion of wall space for artwork, photographs, posters, or items is a simple way to give your dwelling an immediate sense of character and comfort, even for some smaller luxury apartments for rent in Michigan.

With a reasonable investment of time, tools and thought, creating an eye-catching wall gallery in your loft is easy and rewarding. Here are five design guidelines for getting it done:

Spend time designing in advance. Creating a gallery wall makes you, however temporarily, a visual artist, and every artist benefits from sketching out their ideas before working on the piece itself. Before you pick up a hammer, plot out the arrangement with drawings on graph paper, laying the frames on the floor, or even tracing your frames onto parchment or construction paper and taping them to the wall. Trying different configurations and arrangements in advance will save you valuable mind-changing time later.

Get the proper tools. A hammer and nails are obvious needs, of course—unless you or your landlord are skittish about permanent holes in the wall, in which case you may need to consider alternative tools like Washi tape or adhesive clips or hooks. The importance of a good leveling ruler (also known as a spirit or bubble level) can’t be overstated: It’s a simple tool for flawless plotting of straight lines for hanging and placement, and a pro-grade version costs about as much as lunch at a casual diner.

Think, but don’t overthink. You may approach your wall gallery from different perspectives: Will it reflect your personality, history, or affections? Or will it show your taste in art or style? Whatever your motives, consider the best ways your wall can convey your intent—but not too much. You’re not designing a gallery for a third party whose instructions you have to follow; you’re doing so for yourself, whom you probably know fairly well by now. Most of the time your first instinct will make the right choice for you.

Mix your media. While a gallery composed entirely of photographs and pictures can be stunning, you don’t have to restrict yourself to two dimensions, especially if you don’t have enough artwork for an entire wall. Consider incorporating shelves to hold items like small busts, ornaments, or items with sentimental value. Plants are especially good for giving your gallery a sense of depth and accent. If budget isn’t an issue, you could even install a flat-screen with rotating digital pictures.

Maintain balance. The strongest wall galleries, even in the most compact nice apartments in Detroit, display a sense of equilibrium, and it doesn’t have to be based on size and shape. You can organize your hangings around a certain color palette or decorative objects in the room. If you have a wide range of sizes among your objects, distribute them as evenly as you can, without too many similar-sized hangings bunched together. Your centerpiece doesn’t even have to be dead-center—if offsetting its position is better for overall balance, by all means, consider doing so. As much as possible, keep the spacing between your gallery objects as consistent as you can, preferably within a half-inch range. Larger items usually benefit from more space between them (2 to 3 inches) than smaller items (1 to 2.5 inches).

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