5 smart places to hide holiday gifts in your downtown Detroit loft

December 07, 2018 | Detroit Seasons
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The holiday season is, for many, one of the best seasons of the year. A favorite pastime for holiday-season lovers is holiday shopping. From choosing the perfect gifts for loved ones (and perhaps choosing a special gift for yourself) to wrapping and distributing presents to local charities, the holiday season is full of giving. If you have children, curious spouses, or impatient houseguests, the holiday season is also a prime time to snoop.

Searching for gifts before it is time to open them is a common holiday tradition among excited children and adults alike. When it comes to loft living, it can be difficult to find quality hiding spots for your carefully chosen gifts. In order to ensure that your gifts are not seen before you intend for them to be, consider these five smart places to hide your holiday gifts in your downtown Detroit loft:

1. In Plain Sight
The best place to hide gifts from loved ones is in plain sight. By wrapping them as soon as you get them, you do not have to worry about someone accidentally stumbling upon your holiday gift stash. Further, beautifully wrapped gifts can double as holiday décor.

2. Your Car
Sometimes, hiding spaces in luxury apartments in Detroit are hard to come by. If you can’t find a suitable hiding space inside of your apartment, consider stowing your holiday gifts in your car (assuming they aren’t perishable or made of liquids that can freeze in low temperatures). While this should not be a permanent hiding place (as gifts in cars are enticing to thieves), hiding your holiday gifts in your car for a small period of time can be an easy way to prohibit unnecessary snooping.

3. Storage Bins
“Oh, these old things?” Use the disguise of an old storage bin that was used to store holiday decorations as the perfect holiday gift hiding spot. They are empty anyway, so why not get some use out of them?

4. A Friend’s House
Switch gifts with a friend and hide their gifts in your apartment and vice versa. Even if “your” gifts are found, the recipients of your gifts will be pleasantly surprised on the big day when they open their actual gifts. If you choose this option, however, be sure to take extra care of these gifts so that they are not ruined or tarnished in any way before returning them to their owner.

5. Your Apartment’s Office
If you cannot find ample storage in your apartment, consider asking your apartment’s main office if they could hold on to your packages for a little while. Because most packages go through the office anyway, they may be able to accommodate your request.

Detroit luxury apartments, like the ones for rent at The Lofts of Merchants Row, offer up a lot of unique ways to hide gifts over the holiday season. By keeping these five hiding spaces in mind, you will be able to get through the holidays relatively snoop-free and will be able to see the delight on the various recipients’ faces as they open their gifts.

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