5 New Year’s resolutions for apartment dwellers in Downtown Detroit

December 21, 2018 | Detroit Seasons

Traditions and holidays go hand-in-hand. Champagne toasts aside, one of the biggest New Year’s Eve traditions is to come up with a resolution for the following year; a promise to oneself to achieve a specific goal. From weight loss to finally going on that dream vacation, we all have made (and, on occasion, broken) New Year’s resolutions.

For those living in one of the Lofts of Merchants Row’s luxury apartments for rent in Michigan, resolutions can extend to apartment-living as well. Here are five New Year’s resolutions for apartment dwellers in Downtown Detroit:

Meet Your Neighbors
Whether you have lived here for years or have just recently signed your lease, getting to know your neighbors is a great way to start the new year. Not only does it allow for safer living conditions when you know the people that live right by you, but it’s an easy way to make a new friend.

Take Advantage of Amenities
Make it a point to take advantage of your apartment amenities this coming year. Part of your rent includes access the amenities that your apartment complex provides – take advantage of them. At The Lofts of Merchants Row, you have access to things like free-of-charge laundry facilities, 24-hour valet parking, resident events, and a complimentary shuttle. By using the amenities offered to you, you will have a better overall living experience.

Cook More
We get it – after a long day at work, nothing warms the soul more than a bag full of takeout and a feel-good movie. With that being said, nice apartments in Detroit always come with nice kitchens. Cooking for yourself more is not only a great way to save money and to eat heathier, it can become a fun hobby.

One of the best things about cooking is that it is an activity that one becomes better at the more he or she does it. By the end of 2019, you could easily dub yourself as an amateur chef.

Spruce Up Your Décor
If you’ve had the same décor for years, consider giving your apartment a facelift. Invest in one statement piece (like a couch) that really changes the overall feel of a room. If you do not want to commit to something quite as large or expensive, consider changing the layout of your living room or purchasing some art from local artisans to hang on your walls. Even the smallest change to your décor can bring about new life to a room.

Host More Get-Togethers
Time is always better spent with loved ones at your side. Consider hosting more get-togethers. If you have a group of friends that all watch the same television show, for example, try hosting a weekly viewing night loaded with hors d’oeuvres and good drinks. Additional options include a monthly book club, weekly game night, or a cookie exchange.
Resolutions don’t have to be grandiose to make an impact on your daily life. By adopting these five New Year’s resolutions, you will find a new appreciation and love for apartment-living.

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