5 creative ways to store wine in a small apartment

July 31, 2018 | Apartment Living
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Just because you love wine doesn’t mean you have a wine cellar in your basement. While there are a lot of nice apartments in Detroit and bigger cities alike, chances are you don’t even have a basement. For wine-lovers who live in apartments, condos, or even tiny homes, efficiently storing wine may be a challenge.

Living in a tiny space doesn’t mean that you can’t store a substantial wine collection. Here are several creative wine storage solutions that offer options for those who have limited space.

  1. Luxuriate With a Cooler

There may be a lot of luxury apartments for rent in Michigan, like The Lofts of Merchants Row, that doesn’t mean you currently live in one. Maybe someday you’ll have the space and wine cellar of your dreams, but right now it is likely that you have a countertop wine rack, or have a few bottles stuffed in cupboards. While the kitchen seems like the optimal place to store wine, it is actually one of the worst as it is often the hottest room in the home.

If the kitchen is your only choice, or you live in a studio and your kitchen is essentially your bedroom, living room, and only room, consider a small wine cooler. While it may seem impossible in your space, a number of brands offer incredibly compact options.

  1. Explore Unexpected Spaces

If you are working on a budget, or simply do not have space for any additions, use a creative eye to examine your space. Especially in older buildings, different design aspects can act as makeshift wine storage.

Are there decorative, wine-sized accents on your wall? Do you have a built-in hutch that could be repurposed? A blank wall or the empty space above a doorway can become the perfect place to store your wine bottles. Think creatively! You’ll be surprised what can easily substitute as a wine rack.

  1. Find Dark Corners

It may seem like your space doesn’t offer the appropriate apartment amenities to store wine, but really all you need to do is keep it safe from the sun, light, and heat. Ultraviolet rays can prematurely age a vintage and bring out dank flavors. The lighter the wine and the bottle, the more sensitive it is.

You may not realize that your apartment has plenty of dark nooks and crannies that are perfect for wine storage. Identify any dark places in your apartment where you might set up a wine rack, ideally storing them on their sides. If that is not an option, it is easy to set up a rack and throw a blanket or decorative towel over it.

  1. Convert Your Closet

You may not even realize your apartment came equipped with a wine closet, that is, the closet in your hallway. Closets in common areas are perfect spots to store wine as they are likely to be the most temperature-stable places in your apartment. With the addition of a door to block out sun and heat, the closet basically becomes your own wine cellar.

  1. Create a Surprising Space

If your apartment simply doesn’t offer opportunities for makeshift storage, it might be time to do it yourself. Crafty wine lovers can search sites such as Pinterest to find a multitude of space saving tips and tricks.

Additionally, thrift stores are great places to hunt for shelving units or cabinets that can easily be reused for wine storage purposes. If you are especially talented at interior design, wooden crates or wicker baskets can be used to create a unique, personalized wine rack.

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