5 Creative Uses for the Spare Room in Your Luxury Detroit Loft

March 02, 2018 | Apartment Living
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A spare room that you don’t really need is a wonderful problem to have. If you have extra space in your luxury Detroit loft, there is no limit to the possibilities. Think about what you love to do, and brainstorm ways to transform your extra room into a space for that beloved activity. Here are some fun and practical ideas for what you can do with your spare room.

1. Use It as a Home Office
If you are a student, freelance writer, or entrepreneur you can certainly benefit from a home office. As a matter of fact, whatever your official job title happens to be, there is probably some work you need to do at home on your computer. Don’t hurt your neck trying to get it done on the couch. Instead, turn your spare room into a functional office space. Start with a desk. Then fill in the space with shelves, inspirational wall art, and maybe even a coffee pot.

2. Turn It into a Workout Room
One of the many apartment amenities available at The Lofts of Merchant Row is access to a community gym. But what about those days when you simply want to roll out of bed and hop right on the treadmill? Transforming your spare room into a workout space can give you that flexibility. If you don’t own a treadmill or elliptical, no worries! Just unroll a yoga mat, arrange some hand weights, and charge your bluetooth speaker. Having a dedicated space for physical activity makes you more likely to get it done. Boost your health and solidify a great mood with your very own personal gym.

3. Create a Massive Closet
You know what they always say: nice apartments in Detroit are not really complete until they come equipped with a walk-in closet. Do you have a large wardrobe that just keeps growing? Don’t squeeze your beautiful garments into a compact loft closet. Let them breathe by transforming your spare room into an epic closet space. Line the walls with garment racks, shelves, and hooks. By placing your gorgeous clothes and accessories on display, you get to use them as home decor when they are not decorating your body.

4. Build Your Own Hobby Room
What do you like to make? Perhaps you are a painter, or maybe you make incredible clothing on your sewing machine. Maybe you are an avid reader, amateur music producer, or enthusiastic student of film. No matter what hobby lights your fire, you can create a space for this passion in your spare room. Construct drawers full of materials, or set up a projector and comfortable couch. Make this room a place where you can enjoy just doing your thing.

5. Relax into Your Meditation Room
How many luxury apartments for rent in Michigan come with a meditation room? Yours could! Create a space with peace and quiet in mind. Hang some tapestries on the walls and toss some extra-large pillows on the floor. Burn a bit of Nag Champa incense to set the mood and put on some Ravi Shankar. If meditation isn’t your thing, use this space to relax, unwind, and decompress after a challenging day.

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