5 Benefits of Living in Apartments Vs Dorms for College Students

July 31, 2017 | Apartment Living

Many young adults can’t wait to get to college, not only because it’s the first step toward a dream career, but also for the independence it brings. Certainly, taking full responsibility for oneself and one’s decisions can be a bit scary, but it’s also fun and exciting.

One thing that many college students have to decide is whether they want to live in the dorms or opt for an off-campus apartment instead. While the dorms provide a level of convenience when it comes to getting to classes and participating in school events, there are also plenty of benefits to be gained by choosing apartments near Wayne State University.

1. Privacy

Yes, your dorm room has a door to shut away the prying eyes of neighbors, but that’s about the extent of privacy you’ll enjoy. More than likely, you’ll have to share your dorm room with a complete stranger. This gives you an opportunity to make a new friend, but in the beginning it can be a bit uncomfortable.

Even more potentially embarrassing is the shared bathroom situation. Most dorms have shared toilets and showers, which means you could be doing all of your business with an audience, so to speak. You won’t have this problem with an apartment.

2. Freedom

There’s no getting around the fact that dorms have rules. Although rules and regulations may vary by campus and even by building, it’s not uncommon to deal with curfews, gender restrictions, and of course, bans on alcohol. You will probably also have to put up with inspections and meetings with your RA or dorm advisor.

This isn’t to say you won’t have any rules when you rent an apartment and sign a lease. You obviously can’t cause property damage or disturb neighbors with raging parties at all hours of the night – common sense stuff. However, you will have a lot more freedom when it comes to the hours you keep, the guests you have, and your lifestyle in general.

3. Kitchen and bathroom

As noted above, the bathrooms in dorms are shared. While you might split an apartment with a roommate, you’ll still get to use the toilet and shower all by yourself, with the door closed.

Plus, you’ll have a full kitchen at your disposal instead of relying on a microwave and mini fridge, vending machines, and the campus cafeteria for sustenance. This means you can save some money by cooking at home, and better manage your personal diet.

4. Cost

Dorms ain’t cheap, so if you think you’re going to save money living on campus, you might want to think again. Naturally, prices vary by campus and surrounding areas, but shared apartments near Wayne State University might actually cost you less (although you will have to consider the costs of buying furniture and paying for utilities off-campus).

5. Choose your roomies

Most campuses will try to honor requests for specific roommates (if you and a friend attend the same college). Otherwise, they pair up students in dorm rooms based on questionnaires. With an apartment, you have the opportunity to conduct interviews to find roommates that are a perfect fit, ensuring the most comfortable and copacetic living arrangement.

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