5 Apartment Décor Trends for 2020

June 26, 2020 | Apartment Living
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A welcoming, comfortable interior has become incredibly important in 2020, with everyone sheltering at home.  What you’re sure to discover, now that you’re spending more time as a homebody, is that your apartment could use a few timely updates.  Here are just a few décor trends for 2020 that are sure to make your modern abode at The Lofts of Merchants Row even more relaxing and inviting.

Soothing Hues

The hits keep coming as coronavirus sweeps the globe and political turmoil ratchets up during this election year.  Whether you’re stuck at home or you’re dealing with the stresses of remaining an essential worker, the last thing you need is to suffer anxiety when you’re in your residential retreat.

One of the major trends for 2020 is surrounding yourself with soothing colors, from paint and furnishings, to apartment amenities.  While painting might not be an option when you live the apartment life, you can always add touches of tranquil turquoise, peaceful periwinkle, serene sage, and relaxing rose to take your space to a totally Zen place.  Green hues are particularly popular for 2020.

Even white or off-white walls can help to minimize stress when paired with pale pastels that create the calming interior design you crave.  Whether you shop for new furnishings or update rugs, slipcovers, draperies, duvets, and throws, it’s easy to outfit your space with the calming colors you crave.


Plants are always a great way to make your interior more inviting, but with so many people stuck at home right now, a heft dose of greenery can help to calm you and literally clear the air (of pollutants and CO2).  Fiddle leaf figs are a perennial fave, as they’re hardy and feature luscious leaves, but you might also want to try their smaller cousin, the Ficus Audrey, which is incredibly easy to care for.

Double Duty Furniture

Functional furniture, like a sectional sofa or modular (scalable) storage, is always wise when you live in nice apartments in Detroit, but you also need furnishings that offer more.  Nesting tables are great for entertaining and they easily stow away when not in use, and versatile storage ottomans remain one of the most useful pieces of furniture for any small home.  If a sleeper sofa for guests is too big, consider smaller sleeper chairs that give you more options when arranging furniture.

Mirrors that Do More

Technically, this could fall under the “double-duty” category, but mirrors really deserve their own shout-out, for a couple of reasons.  First, they’re functional in and of themselves, because you use them to check your reflection.  Second, they can enhance luxury apartments for rent in Michigan by bouncing light and creating the illusion of additional depth and space.

However, this year has seen an increase in mirrors that offer added functionality with built-in shelving for flameless candles, your indoor herb garden, or a caddy for your keys.  You no longer need to relegate such function to the bathroom alone – place them in your bedroom, living room, or by the front door.

Fierce Flooring

You don’t necessarily want to hide your hardwood floors, but the right rug can definitely pull together living room furniture, delineate dining and lounging spaces, and keep your feet from freezing when you hop out of bed in the morning.  The trend for 2020 is rugs that are big and bold, with bright colors, geometric prints, and a vibe that matches your personality.  Even more interesting, some trendsetters are choosing to display them on the wall in lieu of traditional art.

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