Living right in the heart of a bustling city is a pleasure that few will experience — and living well in the same place is luxury few can afford. With top-tier amenities, a stunning view, executive-class service and meticulous attention to detail, the Lofts of Merchants Row brings the high life of loft living to the reach of many.

Why a Loft?
There are Plenty of Reasons
  • Lofts eliminate unneeded walls, bringing every square foot into view and giving the feeling of a much larger space (and our lofts are already huge!)
  • Lofts tend toward (and our lofts all have) high ceilings, adding even more to the open, relaxed feel.
  • Penthouse and other upper-story lofts make use of large-pane windows, because why waste that view?
  • All that space concentrated in the public areas makes a loft great for entertaining!

Nearly two thousand square feet are at your disposal in these gorgeous 3-bedroom apartments. Whether you’re a family with a couple of breadwinners working downtown or a tight-knight group of friends making their way through the curriculum at Mercy’s Law or Wayne State, you’ll find a use for every inch of your own Loft of Merchants Row.

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Stay Home

Speaking of entertaining, the Lofts of Merchants Row are amazing places to entertain — or just hang out solo. Enormous, open kitchens feature islands, granite countertops, all (real!) wood cabinetry, and stainless-steel appliances — making it just as easy on the eye for your guests to look in as it is for you to chat with them while you prepare a snack or meal. When your guests aren’t staring at the beautiful view of the Detroit River or up Woodward Avenue (or into the stunning kitchen), they’ll find classic exposed brick, vintage hardwood, and stained concrete gracing every surface. Timeless beauty, functional utility, and exemplary service: welcome to the Lofts.

Go Out

Of course, not even the most stunning dwelling can keep you endlessly captivated – what’s outside the door is just as important as what’s inside. When you live at the Lofts of Merchants Row, you live at one of the hubs of downtown Detroit. What’s your fancy? How about baseball at Comerica Park, football at the Ford Field, or a night on the town at Centaur Bar? All are within walking distance – and if you’re more into high culture than Americano, the Fox Theater, the Fillmore Theater, and the Gem are also scant blocks away. And if you’re one of those people who likes to balance your concrete with some greenery, the Campus Martius Park is just down the street. The Lofts are your sanctum sanctorum in the middle of the all of the action and activity that is the resurgent Detroit downtown.

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