1247 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226 | Toll Free: 877.826.1027




This video is about an #Instameet held in Detroit at the historic Masonic Temple. Shot by @WalterVMarshall featuring @_nazgul @tonydetroit @rickthird @detroit_chiver @cameraguya @masonictempledetroit @niche [...]
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The Neighborhood of Downtown Detroit

When you live at the Lofts of Merchants Row, year round sporting events are at your door step...check out a Detroit Tiger baseball game at Comerica Park or a football game at Ford Field.

Do you enjoy the arts? Monday could be a concert at the Fox Theater; Wednesday a play at The Gem; and Friday, a high-energy concert at the Fillmore Theater – your life will be energized and filled with excitement.

Feeling lucky? Try the odds at the Greektown, MGM or Motor City Casinos. Feeling Hungry? Try Detroit's Famous Lafeyette and American Coney Island restaurants, fine gourmet dining such as Coach Insignia or the Rattlesnake Club are only blocks from your new home.

  • The Lofts of Merchants Row is located on Woodward Avenue – in the heart of the Campus Martius Development in Downtown Detroit.
  • Merchants Row is one block from the Compuware Global Headquarters and the Hard Rock Café.
  • Campus Martius Park is located just down the street to make walking your dog, recreational activities and exercise convenient and minutes away.
  • Merchants Row is less than one mile from MGM and Greektown casinos – the ultimate entertainment experience with luxury hotels, casinos, signature restaurants, rejuvenating spa, first class entertainment and the hottest nightlife in the city.

AFTER You Move in to a Detroit Apartment: The Details

After our last two posts about how to make friends and get a job once you’ve gotten the last of your stuff into your Detroit apartment, one of the receptionist-types around here popped in to say, “Hey — don’t forget to talk about all of the little stupid stuff that people always forget when [...]



This video is about an #Instameet held in Detroit at the historic Masonic Temple. Shot by @WalterVMarshall featuring @_nazgul @tonydetroit @rickthird @detroit_chiver @cameraguya @masonictempledetroit @niche @detroitstreetphotography @jayspics @cadillac_flatts #nicheinstameetdetroit #detroitinstameet #rawdetroit [...]


AFTER You Move in to a Detroit Apartment: Making Friends

OK, so you’ve moved into your downtown Detroit apartment, and you’ve got a job that will cover your basic needs. What’s next? Well, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is pretty straightforward: once your physical needs are cared for (which is what that money is all about), you need safety (your [...]