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The Five Most Common Household Problems (& How to Fix Them)

We asked around with our local handymen and a couple of property managers and we got a solid list of the most commonplace household problems — the ones that your landlord will expect you to solve on your own. Then we asked around to figure out the most clever and inexpensive ways [...]

How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the City: Where to Be & What to Do This Weekend in Detroit!

Alright, so technically the weekend doesn’t start until Friday. But that’s no reason for you to wait to wear your Green in Detroit! Start your Shenanigans early with the St. Patrick’s Day Musical Celebration at PJ’s Lager House, with doors at 8 p.m. on Thursday!  Feral Ground, [...]

How Has the Apartment Lifestyle Evolved in the Last Decade?

When we think of “back in the day,” most of us probably think of our high school years. Depending on who exactly we are, that’s statistically pretty likely to be a couple of decades ago by now — which means for most of us a single decade ago seems pretty darn [...]

Dine, Shop, and Relax in Downtown Detroit

There are so many reasons why you would want to live at The Lofts of Merchants Row, a luxury loft community located in Downtown Detroit on Woodward Ave. This video highlights a few of those reasons. How awesome would it be to have the ability to dine, shop, and relax without leaving the [...]

Putting the ‘Luxe’ in Luxury Loft Living!

Luxury can have many different connotations, but it does not necessarily mean expensive or excessive. In fact, in many ways, it means the exact opposite of that—but more on that later. For me, ‘luxury’ means the ease of living. And my Downtown Detroit Loft has just added one more [...]

Getting Together with Friends for a Great Time in Detroit!

You hear a lot about trendy new eateries offering culinary delights from name-recognizable chefs popping up in Detroit. And thankfully there is no shortage of those—and they are definitely must-try dining destinations!! But, you don’t always hear as much about the tried-and-true and [...]

Silent Sweat: A No-Gear Apartment-Friendly Workout

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to designing an apartment-friendly workout! Among other things, you have to decide whether you want to work out in front of the massive windows that will let all of your neighbors see you, or in one of the rooms that has no windows but also [...]

What is Detroit’s Cost of Living?

As one of the premier living spaces right in the beating heart of downtown Detroit, one of the questions we get from tons of people who want to take advantage of the D’s rise is the one in the title. How much is Detroit’s cost of living? Fortunately, there are several groups [...]

Genuine Loft Apartments Explained: Why the Long Corridors?

When it comes to loft apartments, there are basically two kinds: the kind that are called ‘lofts’ for no reason other than that they’re downtown, and the kind that are genuine loft apartments. As in, the kind that were originally industrial or commercial space built [...]

The 7 Best Valentine’s Dates in Detroit & the Metro Area

Our last post was full of powerful but fairly generic advice about how to set up an intense romantic evening in your apartment. But what if your partner isn’t the kind who wants to stay in? Well, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered there, too. Here are our ideas [...]