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Be Prepared: The Truth about Apartment Burglary

There’s never a shortage of stories on the news and around the water cooler about people who had their dwelling broken into. Unfortunately, like much of what we believe about cowboys, punching, martial arts, and giant blue sky-beams, most of our “common knowledge” about [...]

Let’s Bust some Household Cleaning Myths

All that Spring Cleaning talk has got housekeeping firmly in the communal brainspace around here. So of course when one of us brought up the idea that throwing ice in the garbage disposal ‘keeps the blades sharp,’ it was Google time. Turns out, there is a little bit of truth [...]

Apartment Spring Cleaning, Weeks 2+: The Clean-ening

(Writers note: I started this bit way back at the beginning of Spring, and proceeded to get too sick to type — sorry — but while it’s not all that timely anymore, it’s still relevant!) Last time, we talked about The Purge: that first part of the Spring Cleaning [...]

2017 Lofts of Merchants Row Spring Open House

Spring is officially here! The temperature outside is rising while the rain brings forth green grass and beautiful flowers. In the apartment industry, Spring is evident by greater demand for loft availability. The Lofts of Merchants Row decided to treat their potential new residents to a [...]

Feast Your Eyes On These Pies Detroit!

Once again, my Downtown Detroit Loft hosted a resident event where I was able to get together with old friends, meet new neighbors, and catch up with some people I hadn’t seen in quite a while. Which made the venue, La Lanterna Pizzeria & Bar, the perfect setting for a great [...]

4 Great Smart Home Products for Your Detroit Apartment

When you move into your swanky new pad and join the Lofts of Merchant’s Row community, the first thing you probably want to do is make the space your own with comfy furniture, gorgeous art, family photos, and all the items that make a house a home. However, when it comes to [...]

Common Pub Resident Event

The Lofts of Merchants Row residents took some time to get out, relax and enjoy great food at Common Pub in Midtown Detroit. Located right in the heart of Midtown within the Wayne State University [...]

Home-Sweet-Home: Living in Downtown Detroit with ALL of its Great Bars & Eateries is a Welcome TREAT!

The phrase ‘Open House’ is often simply another way of saying ‘Party’—but as a noun, it refers to a place in which all visitors are welcome. When my Downtown Detroit Luxury Loft held an Open House this past week, they did so in the spirit of both meanings of the word! The Lofts [...]

5 Damage-Free Decor Ideas for Your Apartment

When it comes to apartment decor, you have to be careful how you customize since any damage you cause will come out of your deposit when you move. Here are a few damage-free decor ideas that will help you to get the personalized living space you crave without penalties. 1. Peel-and-stick [...]

5 Ways to Pet-Proof Your Detroit Loft

Having a pet in your apartment is a privilege that not all buildings offer. You need to take care not to abuse it by letting your furry friends have their way with flooring, walls, cabinets, or any other permanent fixtures. Here are just a few ways to respect the space and pet-proof your [...]