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The Best Way to See the Detroit Skyline in the Summer? A Rooftop BBQ!

Every year for the past five years, my downtown Detroit loft has hosted a Pre-Fireworks Rooftop BBQ and, as usual, it was fabulous! Residents can bring guests and we get a chance to meet new neighbors and mingle with our friends from the building. The Leasing Office and Staff organized [...]

Advanced Adulting: Finding Zen in Everyday Apartment Life

Adulting — as a concept, it’s fairly new, but it resonates with meaning across a huge swath of American society. We have tenants in their early 40s with kids in middle school who admit on a regular basis that adulting is a practice they’re not nearly as at-ease with as [...]

Enjoy Bass in Your Apartment without Bugging the Neighbors

This is a problem that has existed ever since we invented subwoofers (OK, probably long before that): you crank up some Luis Fonsi (w/Daddy Yankee and NOT BEIBER, naturally), and three minutes later the maintenance guy is knocking on your door asking you to turn it down because the [...]

Flex that Detroit Privilege with a Day Trip to Canada

One of the rarely-mentioned pleasures of living in Detroit’s urban core is that there’s another country literally right over there. Hi, Canada! And while traveling to Canada isn’t the easy-breezy task it was pre-9/11, it’s not actually all that difficult if [...]

Apartment Kitchen Pizza Parties, Part III: Pizzas

You know by now what we’re up to — we’re not even going to waste any time here. BEGIN! The Italian-American Classic: The MargharoniA crust. We’re going to assume you know which kind you want on each of these recipes, and just leave it right there for you to do [...]

Apartment Kitchen Pizza Parties, Part II: Principles

We talked last time about what makes a pizza, and what makes a pizza party. Now, we’re going to give you some of the principles you need to create your own unique apartment kitchen pizza awesomeness, in the style of one of our favorite cookbooks. OK, maybe a little less hippie than [...]

Apartment-Kitchen Pizza Parties, Part I: Preparation

A pizza party is kind of the classic apartment-kitchen feast.  With nothing but the oven, a decent pile of money and/or the ability to put up with bargain-basement pizza, and some friends, you’ve got yourself an evening of whatever you can do with a grease-bomb in your other hand. [...]

So You Have to Drive Through Uptown Detroit

We know that driving through downtown Detroit can be a pain in the butt — traffic is never awesome — but driving through some parts of uptown Detroit can be downright dangerous. The number of criminals that are willing to step up to a car and either rob or carjack you [...]

Movement 2017: Looking Forward to a Memorial Day Weekend Tradition in Detroit

Memorial Day Weekend in Detroit has pretty much come to mean Movement Weekend. It’s kind of an odd mash-up, since Memorial Day evokes the past as we look back on those who gave their lives in service and Movement is all about progressive music and culture that looks [...]

Why Home Ownership Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

We’re pretty big fans of Adam Conover’s awesome show of TruTV, Adam Ruins Everything. So when we finally caught up with an episode we had missed earlier wherein Adam ruins home ownership (linked just there), we were all quite thrilled. We’ve known for a long time that [...]