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Lonely Planet Dubs Detroit “America’s Most Ambitious Renovation Project”

Detroit has had its ups and downs, but it’s a city that always comes back stronger than before. Of late, this Michigan metro has experienced a major upswing, not only in population and job growth, but also through targeted revitalization.

In the heart of the recession, news stories coming out of Detroit were about residents leaving the city in droves, power grids to abandoned neighborhoods being shut down, and crumbling buildings getting bulldozed by the dozen. Then there was the historic declaration of bankruptcy in 2013.

Today, it’s a totally different story. The city is experiencing a major turnaround, complete with a facelift designed to cater to a young and upwardly mobile demographic of job-seeking millennials. With the recent opening of the Little Caesar’s Arena (an $863 million project that’s just the beginning of the planned 50-block District Detroit renovation), the city is on its way to a brighter tomorrow.

However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, thanks to an uptick in population and jobs, the growth of a thriving craft brew and artisanal food scene, and billions in funding flooding into the city, slated for residential and commercial projects alike. This is perhaps why Lonely Planet has seen fit to dub Detroit “America’s Most Ambition Renovation Project”. What does this moniker entail? Let’s take a look.

Revitalizing Historic Architecture
A slew of Detroit’s most beloved historic buildings are getting picked up, dusted off, and returned to their former grandeur, albeit for new purposes. Take for example the iconic Detroit Free Press building, once home to the namesake publication. After years of vacancy and neglect, developer Bedrock swooped in with a much-needed renovation, to the tune of $69 million, including ground-floor retail, a couple floors of offices, and upper stories offering apartment living.

Other ongoing renovation projects include a revamp of one-time Detroit Fire Dept. headquarters into the Detroit Foundation Hotel, the transformation of the Wurlitzer Building into the Siren Hotel, and a $400 million revitalization of the Book Tower building, just to name a few. These beautiful historic buildings aren’t just getting the sprucing up they deserve, but a second life offering hotel rooms, loft living, and corporate and retail space.

Up and Coming Commerce
Whether you have an apartment at The Lofts of Merchant’s Row that puts you in close proximity to dozens of downtown attractions, or you commute in for work or fun, there’s no denying that the city center is a thriving hotbed of dining, drinking, and entertainment options. In addition to the new Little Caesar’s Arena and nearby sporting venues like Comerica Park and Ford Field, residents and visitors alike are enjoying a craft brew and local food revival to tempt the senses and delight the palate. Even better, these downtown additions are often housed in repurposed buildings that once featured industrial interests.

The younger generation in the workforce is slowly invading Detroit, and they’re more likely to seek out apartment tips that search for homes in the suburbs. With an uptick in 20-somethings, tech jobs, and a consumer base that values experiences over tangible things, Detroit downtown center is undergoing rapid change, truly marking it as the most ambitious renovation underway in America today.

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