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Home-Sweet-Home: Living in Downtown Detroit with ALL of its Great Bars & Eateries is a Welcome TREAT!

The phrase ‘Open House’ is often simply another way of saying ‘Party’—but as a noun, it refers to a place in which all visitors are welcome. When my Downtown Detroit Luxury Loft held an Open House this past week, they did so in the spirit of both meanings of the word!

The Lofts of Merchants Row held an Open House Progressive Loft & Restaurant Tour, where not only did we get to visit some of the wide variety of floor plans for the units in our buildings, but we also got to visit some of our local favorite eateries without leaving the lofts!

I started my Open House ‘tour’ of lofts appropriately enough in the Studio Loft. While I’ve always lived in a two-bedroom unit since I moved Downtown to the Lofts of Merchants Row eight years ago, my first apartment without a roommate was a studio—and it was by far my favorite until moving here.

The wonderful thing about a studio layout is that you have everything you care about right there, within reach, within sight. The added perk of a Lofts of Merchants Row studio is that the city skyscape is also within sight outside the huge windows! The high ceilings in all of the Lofts of Merchants Row units mean you can hang lots of artwork or photos that let you appreciate the things you’ve discovered, the places you’ve been, and the friends and family you love.  All—along with the skyline—within sight for you and your visitors!

Which also makes the restaurant featured in that unit incredibly appropriate…. Exodos Rooftop offers year-round outdoor seating (and dancing) on top of Greektown—which is also part of the cityscape visible from Lofts of Merchants Row windows! Exodos welcomed visitors to the loft with made-to-order Lamb Gyros from Golden Fleece (the Longest Standing Restaurant in Greektown!) and glasses of wine from Chateau Grand Traverse—where the O’Keefe family has opened their home on Old Mission Peninsula to guests since 1974!

My next stop on the Open House Loft and Restaurant Tour was to the One-Bedroom Loft. The advantage of a one-bedroom unit is that after a long day enjoying all the city has to offer all its visitors, you can tuck yourself away at night in a cozy spot that is all yours—which again makes the restaurant featured in that unit perfect!


Downtown Louie’s Lounge, “Detroit’s Best-Kept Secret” tucked away at the intersection of Griswold and Clifford, started us off with East Coast Oysters, with Black Pepper Mignonette, Cocktail (available as an appetizer or for $1 an oyster during Happy Hour—which is a great way to enjoy a sumptuous treat on a half-shell without shelling out a fortune). But Downtown Louie’s never does things ‘by halves’ (and I know this from experience, having hosted parties there where the service, food, and atmosphere were impeccable). Along with a Muscadet, they served us C.A.B.. Not ‘a cab’ as in cabaret, but their C.A.B., with Crab, Avocado, Apple, and Radish on Brioche.

So, because when you live in a Downtown Detroit Luxury Loft, you are surrounded by parks that continuously lure you out-and-about, I hopped back over to the one-bedroom unit in the Lofts of Merchants Row new-build and found that Parc,  located in Campus Martius Park, was celebrating the just desert of another Detroit Spring by rewarding us with a dessert that was not only delectable but literally in full-bloom! The color- and flavorful selection of their Housemade Macarons was accompanied by a bubbly Prosecco.

And, again, bubbly was apt, since the entire Lofts of Merchants Row Open House Loft and Restaurant Tour was filled with excellent conversations with old friends and the chance to make new connections with visitors who were enthusiastic about living in a Downtown Detroit Luxury Loft with such great eateries within walking distance.

And, while everyone went away a winner with the delish dishes we’d been served, three guests went away feeling even more welcome by winning $100 gift cards donated by the local eateries as part of the Lofts of Merchants Row Open House Event!

And, again, the fact that not only does my Downtown Detroit Loft host Resident Events every month where they treat us to great fare and fun at local bars and eateries, they also hosted an Open House for everyone that featured some of the many great Downtown restaurants is appropriate because when you live in a Downtown Detroit Loft like the Lofts of Merchants Row, you live in an Open House of sorts—because your ‘home-sweet-home’ extends throughout the whole of Downtown Detroit when, right outside our front doors, are all these delicious eateries…and so much more!

p.s. The gorgeous flowers pictured here are from WB Penobscot Flowers, who donated them for the event…and nothing makes a home more open and welcoming than beautiful blooms!

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