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Celebrate the Season in Downtown Detroit!

Photo by Joseph Stevenson, JSFauxtaugraphy @Fauxtaugraphy


I’m not sure when your Holiday Season begins.

Before I moved to a Downtown Detroit luxury loft, mine usually kicked off later than I’d planned—mostly because the decorations and celebrations depended on when, well, I decorated, invited, or cooked. Okay—fine, I sometimes catered—and even that didn’t always go by my planned calendar.

But for the past eight years, I have accelerated into the Holidays with ease…and excelled at them.

Mostly because all I have to do now is sit back and enjoy them.

While the debate about when to put up the lights and cue the Holiday playlist forges on, I don’t have to take part in it. They started decorating right outside the front door of my Downtown Detroit loft just after Halloween….


Things started to get jolly when Holly (real, live, growing Holly) was planted all along Woodward.

My street is lined with lights that create an incredible illuminated awning.

Someone else put up the tree (a 60-foot tree!), decorated it, and then put on a massive party to plug it in.

I can see it from my window.

Oh, and there’s the rink at Campus Martius Park too. (Having grown up 600 miles north of where I live now, having a rink right outside my door is not really a ‘new’ thing for me—people put rinks in their backyards and we skated on the ponds and lakes that formed our front yards—but I never had this convenience in the Detroit suburbs until I moved to the actual city!)

And, while Little Dog visits ‘ALL the parks!’ I get to enjoy the beautiful decorations.

This past Friday night was the official Tree Lighting in Campus Martius. And the introduction of interactive art installations where you are immersed in light and sound at Beacon Park Detroit.

That was also the night that my neighbor and friend performed with the Detroit Concert Choir at the Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony and then hosted a post-party at her place (with Bucharest—yes, they cater!) We had 6-packs of Beef, Chicken, and Bucharest Shawarmas (Grilled Marinated Chicken Breast, Cabbage, Tomato, Fries, Pickles, Mayo, and Garlic Spread wrapped in a Pita), Hummus (a Puree of Chickpeas and Spices Garnished with Paprika and Pickles), Stuffed Grape Leaves (Ground Beef, Spices, and Rice Stuffed in Grape Leaves with Sour Cream on the side)…and a great time.

On Wednesday, I am just a couple of blocks away from the Red Wings game at Little Caesars Arena (Oh yeah! Another rink right close-by!).

And I’m stumbling distance from more bars than I can count on every night of the year, not just ‘the biggest bar night of the year’….

Alright. I am not sure about my plans for Thursday.

My starting line-up is for sure the rehearsals for the America’s Thanksgiving Parade put on by The Parade Company Detroit. This begins well before the televised time, so I will enjoy a preview of the entire parade before it ever hits the air!

I will also be hitting up the Hudson Café for coffee and carry-out since they open at 6 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day. And they are delicious.  And, even though they are right outside my front door, they offer Room Service (to my door!) for Lofts of Merchants Row residents!

Not only is the parade filmed right outside my front door, the floats go by at eye-level—so I get a front-row seat and a bird’s eye view!

Of course, I won’t always be in my apartment waiting for Snoopy and Frankie Ballard.

My friends’ daughter is performing in the parade and they’re coming down to camp out at Cornerstone Barrel House (which is literally on my corner), so I’ll be able to pop in to celebrate Thanksgiving with them.

Then things really kick off (literally) with the Lions’ game—and Ford Field is not only just a short walk away, but also what I see every time I look out my windows. #WIN!

So, really, with everything that is going on in Downtown Detroit right outside my front door, the Holidays are already in full swing…and all I had to do to get into the spirit of the season is look forward to seeing family, friends, and neighbors celebrating in the city I love!

[Okay. And, I didn’t even have to snap this shot! Photo Credit: Joseph Stevenson @ JSFauxtaugraphy – Joseph Stevenson]

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