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The rich history of Detroit is spread throughout landmarks in the city. Our Detroit lofts offer close proximity to many of the city’s treasures.

Belle Isle Park

Posted on September 16th, 2016 in Detroit Landmarks, Detroit Videos
Belle Isle Park, is a 982-acre island park in the Detroit River, between the United States mainland and Canada. Owned by the City of Detroit, it is managed as a state park by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources through a 30-year lease initiated in 2013.[1] Belle Isle is the largest city-owned island park in [...][...]

Free Activities in Downtown Detroit: The Activity Pass

Posted on July 24th, 2016 in Detroit Events, Detroit Landmarks
One of the most treasured parts of living in downtown anywhere is the plethora of sweet things you can do with just a few minutes’ planning and a few blocks’ walk. But Detroit is special among all of the metropoles of the United States, because we have something called the Michigan Activity Pass, or [...][...]

Five Amazing Places Bikeable from The Lofts of Merchants Row

Posted on February 22nd, 2016 in Detroit, Detroit Landmarks
You landed a sweet lease here at the Lofts of Merchants Row, but now that you’ve moved in, you’re not sure what to do next? Try these 40-minutes-or-less bike jaunts to some of Detroit’s most extraordinary places: Belle Isle Belle Isle is about 35 minutes east of the Lofts by bike, and it’s [...][...]

New Resolutions: Find Your Way to Success by Living in Detroit!

It’s that time of year when ‘Resolutions’ are on everyone’s mind. We make them. People tell us theirs. We share ours. All this buzz about New Year’s resolutions got me thinking about the word resolution itself and what it means…especially with regard to the city and life in Downtown Detroit. So I hit up [...][...]

Moving Detroit Forward

Posted on August 19th, 2015 in Detroit Landmarks, Detroit Videos
The J.L. Hudson Department Store was the tallest department store in the country. At 439 ft. tall Hudson’s is the tallest structural steel building ever imploded. The implosion took place on October 24th 1998. This commemorative video shows the renovation of the land adjacent to the Lofts of Merchants [...][...]

Find Yourself in the City: New Paths in Detroit

Alright. If you drop me in the middle of the woods, there’s a good chance I will find my way out and back to you. No Hansel-and-Gretel-pebble-or-crumb-trail needed. That’s because I grew up surrounded by nature and wilderness. (Okay. And quite possibly my parents attempted this little trick on me once or twice. [...][...]

#ISEEDETROIT Photographic Bus Tour

Posted on August 7th, 2014 in Detroit Landmarks, Detroit Videos
What did we do on Detroit’s 313th birthday? We toured it in style with the Detroit Bus Company and the #ISEEDETROIT Photographic Bus Tour. Check out some of the great sites, some excellent pictures, and hear from some people positive about Detroit’s future. We also made a stop out to Old Redford to visit [...][...]

Soiree on the Greenway: Another ‘Way’ Detroit Makes Connections that Count!

Posted on August 5th, 2014 in Detroit, Detroit Events, Detroit Landmarks, Detroit Outdoors
Okay. Let’s just get this out there first. It’s much more fun to say “I’m going to a Soirée…” than to say “I’m going to a party.” The word soirée itself suggests something outside the norm, something special, something magical. And Rivière28’s Soirée on the Greenway promises to be an [...][...]

How to Hit it Out of the Park with House-Guests in Detroit!

Last year at this time, I thought I was going to face an interesting challenge. My 17-year-old niece was coming from Puerto Rico to stay with me for a week in Detroit. Factors that led me to believe this would be a challenge:  Factor #1: Thus far on the Cactus-to-Fern-to-Dog-to-Child trajectory of [...][...]

Capture the City: How to Snap & Share Beautiful Photos of Detroit!

Posted on June 4th, 2014 in Detroit, Detroit Landmarks
It’s summertime in Detroit, and that means weekend after weekend of festivals and fun. Basically, every night, The D is the place to be. If you live Downtown, or if you’re just here visiting, it’s also the perfect time to get some great shots of the city! From cool new construction, like The Z Lot, to historic [...][...]