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Common Traps to Avoid When Moving in Together

If you’ve been dating the same person for a while and the relationship is getting serious, you might decide it’s time to try living together to see if things can really work out long-term. This can be an exciting step forward that leads to rapid advances in your relationship.

Of course, it all depends on how your little experiment works out. If you want the best chance to make a success of living together, winging it is not an option. You need a plan to avoid the many potential pitfalls that cause couples to turn on each other and flee the coop as soon as the lease is up.

If you want to steer clear of some of the most common traps that occur when couples decide to shack up, here are a few strategies that should help to eliminate serious issues before they ever arise.

Pare Down
You’ve both got your own places, which means you probably have plenty of redundant stuff, from furniture and linens to cookware and kitchen utensils. Apartment living won’t necessarily accommodate duplicates. How can you pare down? The easiest way is to simply keep whichever items are newer, in better shape, or higher-end.

For furniture, you’ll first want to measure to make sure items will fit in your new place. As apartment tips go, this is number one. If they won’t, you’ve made your decision about what to get rid of easy. As for the rest, a simple comparison should do the trick. Does he have nicer steak knives? Keep ’em. Are her linens more luxurious? Donate his 300-thread-count Star Wars sheets to Goodwill.

Set a Budget
Are you splitting rent and utilities straight down the middle? Does one of you make more than the other? Does one (or both) of you have car payments? Striking a balance that allows each party to pay a fair share while still enjoying some spending cash is smart, not only for financial peace of mind, but also for the health of the relationship. Set a budget before you move in.

Discuss Goals
Are you looking for marriage and a family? Are you saving for a down payment on a house or would you rather devote your disposable income to travel? How do you see your future together progressing? Now is not the time to play coy. Discuss your goals and future plans before you sign the lease, and don’t forget to address your intractable must-haves and absolutely-nots.

To say you have to pick your battles when living with your love interest is a massive understatement. Loft living means close quarters, and it’s all too easy to get on each other’s nerves when you’re both set in your ways. That said, a little compromise can go a long way if you both exhibit some wiggle room.

There are several points you should address before you move into your shared location at The Lofts of Merchants Row, but going in with a willingness to compromise is equally important, and it could just be the lynchpin that holds your romantic relationship together once you move in.

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