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6 Highly Anticipated Renovation Projects in Detroit

Detroit is city jam-packed with gorgeous architecture, but unfortunately, a lot of beautiful, historic buildings have fallen into disrepair over the years. In L.A. those buildings would probably be knocked down to make way for something new, but Detroit prizes vintage architecture – just check out the dark-and-stormy Instagram posts from @tonydetroit (including some of the buildings on this list).

Instead of demolition, developers prefer to renovate and restore old buildings to give them new life. Here are just a few of the most highly anticipated projects currently underway.

1. Hotel Eddystone

This building holds the distinction of being the tallest in Detroit’s historic district. Built in the 1920s as part of the Tuller hotel empire, this Italian renaissance structure, with its monolithic facade, remains impressive even in disrepair.

Soon it will be even more magnificent thanks to a facelift by Olympia, which is also renovating the United Artists Theater, The American, and other Detroit gems. Anyone in apartments near Wayne State University will have a great view of the new and improved Hotel Eddystone soon – renovations commence in 2018.

2. Wurlitzer Building

Easily one of the most anticipated renovations currently underway in Detroit, the updated building will open its doors as The Siren Hotel later this year, complete with 106 guest rooms, seven food and drink spaces, two retail spaces, and a rooftop lounge. Rehab company ASH NYC is hoping out-of-towners hear the siren song.

3. Detroit Free Press Building

It’s just a crime that this beautiful, Art Deco landmark-in-limestone has been vacant since 1998, when the Detroit Free Press publication moved to another locale. It has gone through several developers in the interim, but it looks like Bedrock (also renovating the David Stott Building, the Shinola Hotel, and Book Tower) will actually follow through. They’ve planned a $69 million facelift to culminate in retail space on the ground floor, topped by two floors of office space, with residences on the upper levels.

4. Book Tower

Detroit is populated by iconic structures, but perhaps none quite as unique and imposing as Book Tower, an Italian renaissance structure erected in 1916 and topped by a beautiful copper roof. Renovations by Bedrock are expected to be complete by 2019, with costs estimated in the $400 million range. Already, the building looks better than it has in years, and soon it will return to its former glory.

5. Herman Kiefer Hospital

This stately, North End building in brick is nothing if not solidly constructed, which is why it has stood the test of time (it was built in 1911). That said, the old girl has been empty since 2013, and she could definitely use a good cleaning and renovation. She’ll get it courtesy of NY developer and architect Ron Castellano, who plans to spend $100 to spruce up all 18 acres of the formerly city-owned hospital complex.

6. James Scott Mansion

Those living in houses or apartments near Wayne State University are probably familiar with this old beauty, a vision of Victorian brickwork that’s been vacant for 40 years. Developer Joel Landy looks to complete renovations by the end of the year, at which point apartments in this classic building will be available to rent.

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