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6 Cleaning Essentials for Apartment Renters

When you’re renting an apartment, you not only want to keep it in ship shape so you can enjoy a clean living space, but also to ensure that you get your deposit back when you move out. This means having essential cleaning supplies and equipment on hand. Of course, you probably have limited storage space to work with, so finding the right items is a must. Here are a few essentials every apartment renter should have on hand.

1. Swiffer

Apartment living generally dictates economy when it comes to how much stuff you have, due to limited space, storage, and so on. So why would you keep a broom, a dustpan, and a mop when you can basically get all three in one? All you need are wet and dry disposable pads for your Swiffer to convert from a broom to a mop and back.

2. Hand broom

There are bound to be times when you break something and you really need a broom. For such instances, you might want to go for a small hand broom that snaps into a dustpan. You can hang this handy combo on a hook in the closet to save floor space.

3. Vacuum

A hand vac is great for apartment living, but you don’t necessarily want to get on your hands and knees with it to clean a significant area of carpeting. On the other hand, you might not have room to store a large, upright vacuum. What’s the solution? One of the many new cordless stick vacuums on the market.

They skew a bit pricy, but they’re well worth the extra cost for the many conveniences you’ll enjoy. Most come with a wall mount for charging, as well as a slew of parts that are easy to snap on and off when you want to clean a swath of carpeting, stairs, small messes, cobwebs in corners, or even ceiling fan blades. The Dyson V6 is among the best on the market, but if you’re looking for a budget buy, the Hoover Linx should suffice at less than half the price.

4. All-purpose cleaner

When space is at a premium, you don’t necessarily want bottles of glass cleaner, surface cleaner, and toilet/tub/tile cleaner stacking up. This is where an all-in-one cleaning solvent can save you time, space, and money. If you happen to live in a high-end apartment like those offered by The Lofts of Merchant’s Row, however, you should also stock cleaning solvents appropriate for granite counters and hardwood floors.

5. Microfiber cloths

These super-absorbent rags are great for cleaning up spills, but they can also replace bacteria-filled sponges for cleaning surfaces around your home. You can throw them in the wash after every use. As a bonus, they won’t leave any dust behind like other types of cleaning rags.

6. Bucket

It’s always a good idea to have a bucket handy for major spills, but when you live in an apartment, it can also be used to store your cleaning supplies. Best of all, you can tote it from room to room on cleaning day instead of having to run back and forth for suppliess

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