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Detroit Vicentes Dancing & Dining

Posted on January 13th, 2015 in: Detroit Food, Detroit Videos with the tags: ,
Detroit Vicentes Dancing & Dining
The December resident outing for the Lofts of Merchants Row was held at Vicentes and included salsa dancing, cuban cuisine and tons of laughter.

Detroit: Evergreen, Ever-Growing, & Ever-Glowing…!

Christmas Tree Detroit
Before moving to my Downtown Detroit loft, I restored and owned an early 1900s Tudor. The late-Victorian elements of the house’s design and the numerous fir trees that filled the front and back yards—draping the leaded windows like festive lace—made the annual installation and [...]

Celebrating the Season Family-Style with Friends & Neighbors in Detroit!

Vicente Cuban Cuisine
On Friday night The Lofts of Merchants Row will host its Annual Holiday Party, where LOMR Residents get together with friends and neighbors and celebrate the season! This year, we’ll be celebrating ‘Family-Style’ with a delicious dinner, drinks and dancing at Vicente’s Cuban [...]

Rescuing Christmas Gravy: An Apartment Gourmet’s Guide

Gravy is like gravity: it’s easy to not notice, but it holds the entire Christmas meal together. It moistens dry turkey, it flavors bland potatoes, it amplifies the power of stuffing, and it counterpoints the sour-sweet of the cranberries. But what do you do when your [...]

Decorating for Christmas Without Taking Up Valuable Space

Christmas decorations are a huge part of the holiday season, but they take up an awful lot of space. If you’re determined to celebrate the holiday in style, but you can’t afford to take up a room and a half to do it, here’s some easy ideas from the Lofts of Merchants Row [...]

Campus Martius Tree Lighting

Campus Martius Tree Lighting
The Lofts of Merchants Row documented inspired Detroiters as they celebrated the annual lighting of the Christmas tree. Recorded during the 2014 Christmas Tree ceremony in Campus Martius [...]

Cooking With No Money and No Space

When you’re living on a tight budget in an apartment — so no pantry, basement, or other food storage except whichever cupboard isn’t holding your dishes — cooking can be a hit-or-miss affair. That’s why the Lofts is offering up a few super-simple, super-tasty [...]

Celebrating Community with Noël Night in Detroit!

Noel Night
The word ‘Noël’ has become associated with Christmas, but noëls were originally songs, or carols, that were sung during communal celebrations, such as the ‘harvest tide’ and midwinter celebrations. And the word ‘carol’ itself evokes the spirit of community, closeness, and [...]

Shop & Score Big: Everyone Wins on Small Business Saturday in Detroit!

Terietta Jewelery 3
I am not a shopper. Believe me. I grew up with ‘a shopper’—an elite shopper—so I know shoppers. Shoppers enjoy the sheer experience of shopping: going to the store, being in a store, going from store to store. It’s like a safari for them: an adventure from start to finish. [...]

Six Reasons to Be Thankful for Living in Downtown Detroit!

T-Day 2
Why only six? Because it is my sixth Thanksgiving Day living in my Downtown Detroit Loft. And because, when you live right Downtown, planning for a great Thanksgiving Day is so easy, it doesn’t even take 10 steps! (Seriously, it takes more effort to open a box of Stove Top Stuffing, get [...]