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How to Get Rid of Your Stuff (Without Craigslist)

Posted on August 28th, 2016 in: Apartment Living with the tags: , ,
Everyone naturally collects stuff as life goes by — but when you’ve reached the point where you have to get rid of a bunch of stuff all at once, living in a downtown apartment can suddenly become a real problem. You can’t get a permit for a ‘yard’ sale without a yard, and there’s no [...]

New to Detroit? Introduce Yourself to Metro Beach!

We’re getting a big influx of people moving to Detroit to take advantage of the enormous boom that the downtown area is experiencing, and part of that means we’ve been introducing some of our newer tenants to some of the basic awesomenesses around the Metro Detroit area. Belle [...]

Health and Fitness for the Apartment Otaku

Long before the Internet came along and made it easy to stay at home alone all day, Japan had invented (if not perfected) a concept that Americans are unwittingly embracing: otaku. ‘Otaku’ essentially means ‘housebound nerd,’ and originally referred mostly to the [...]

Apartment Balcony Picnic Décor Made Easy

Yep! We found some sweet ideas for balcony décor floating around between the heads of our staff, a vocal tenant, and the Internet, and we figured we’d bring them together for you. This is ‘how to decorate your apartment balcony for the picnic season.’ Let’s do [...]

Detroit Parking Garage

Detroit Parking Garage
Learn about one of our best amenities here at The Lofts of Merchants Row, our valet parking garage.

Apartment Balcony Picnic Food Made Easy: Side Dishes

Last post, we talked a bit about a few easy main dishes you could make for a casual “blanket on the apartment balcony” picnic right out of your apartment. Today, we’re expanding on the theme with a few easy side dishes. Let’s dig right in! Fruit Salad Start with [...]

Apartment Balcony Picnic Food Made Easy: Main Dishes

In the hottest part of the year, it’s hard to get up the motivation to leave your air-conditioned loft apartment to make your way out to Belle Island or Metro Beach — but if you’re lucky enough to have a unit with a balcony, you can still enjoy an impromptu balcony [...]

A Few Myths about Downtown Detroit That Need Debunking

Every once in a while, we get an email that asks some really silly (to us) questions about life in Detroit. This last one made us think, “You know, we should really post something that we can link everyone to in the future as these ridiculous questions come in.” So here we [...]

Free Activities in Downtown Detroit: The Activity Pass

One of the most treasured parts of living in downtown anywhere is the plethora of sweet things you can do with just a few minutes’ planning and a few blocks’ walk. But Detroit is special among all of the metropoles of the United States, because we have something called the [...]

How to Throw an Apartment Party, Part III: Maintaining Flow

A party that flows is a party that everyone will remember fondly. A party that stagnates or is hyperkinetic is one that will be forgotten — or remembered less-than-fondly. So how do you keep your apartment party flowing? With these relatively straightforward steps! Party Rules For [...]