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It’s Time to Start Tailgating in Detroit!

Posted on August 14th, 2017 in: Detroit with the tags:
If you’re a Detroit Lions fan, then you’re probably already fired up by the Lions’ win (Lions 24, Colts 10) this weekend in Indianapolis. And if you live in Downtown Detroit, you know things are only going to heat up when the Lions play the Jets at home this coming Saturday night! And while nothing beats [...]

Creating Connections Through Design in Detroit!

Drinks x Design was one of the first events I attended when I moved into my Downtown Detroit luxury loft 8+ years ago. The Detroit Creative Corridor Center events could be called Discover by Design: their monthly events offer Detroiters the chance to get together with friends, the [...]

5 Benefits of Living in Apartments Vs Dorms for College Students

Many young adults can’t wait to get to college, not only because it’s the first step toward a dream career, but also for the independence it brings. Certainly, taking full responsibility for oneself and one’s decisions can be a bit scary, but it’s also fun and [...]

6 Highly Anticipated Renovation Projects in Detroit

Detroit is city jam-packed with gorgeous architecture, but unfortunately, a lot of beautiful, historic buildings have fallen into disrepair over the years. In L.A. those buildings would probably be knocked down to make way for something new, but Detroit prizes vintage architecture – [...]

LOMR Rooftop BBQ

The residents of The Lofts of Merchants Row were in for a treat at the 5th Annual Rooftop BBQ. This year, residents were treated to delicious cuisine catered by The Hudson Cafe’. The evening was filled with lots of fun, food, prizes and entertainment provided by Circle of Sound. [...]

Styling Your Home as a Renter – Infographic

Whether you own your apartment or are renting it, you still want it to have personality. You want to be styling your home such that when people walk in they can sense you coming through — that it’s not just another bland and tasteless rental space. While renting means that [...]

‘Swirl, Sniff, Sip, & Munch’: Strolling Dinners and Summer Patio Dining in Detroit!

Tucked away on Randolph Street, Detroit Seafood Market has the perfect parkside patio for summertime dining in the city. It also offers a bar and booths that are boast-worthy. The semi-circular bar is ideal for catching up with colleagues or friends and the deep booths–some of [...]

The Best of…Living in Detroit!

One of the best (and there are many) perks of living in a Downtown Detroit luxury loft is that there are so many wonderful restaurants, bars, and shops almost literally on your doorstep. And, one of my favourite shops and neighbors (which is literally on the Lofts of Merchants Row [...]

Rhythmic Interior Design: Creating Visual Engagement

One of the best ways to create an interior that draws a visitor in is the use of rhythm. Not the sonic version, but the visual kind of rhythm — one that involves a repetition of a specific element. But it’s not all just about doing the same thing over and over; that quickly [...]

Applying Use-Based Design in Putting Your Apartment Together

When you talk to an interior designer, you’re almost definitely talking to someone who is highly competent in user-based design. That is to say, they’re great at making a space that is informed by who you are, what you love, and what your goals are. But that’s not the [...]