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Detroit Loft Expansion Opening Event

Posted on June 23rd, 2016 in: Detroit Videos, Lofts News with the tags:
Detroit Loft Expansion Opening Event
The Lofts of Merchants Row expansion grand opening at the Valpey building downtown Detroit.

Soundproofing Your Apartment (Without the Landlord’s Say-So)

Even the most carefully-constructed apartment building can have issues with sound transference — especially from floor to ceiling below, but occasionally through other means as well. Generally, our response to noise complaints during the ‘noise is allowed’ timeframe is [...]

Detroit Book King

Detroit Book King
John King has collected over a million books in his lifetime. The problem is he never has time to read, he say’s he has too many books. So he sells them.

Organizing Your Refrigerator on a Budget

Most people don’t really stop and think that much about organizing their refrigerator. Milk goes on top, veggies go on the bottom, bottles in the drawer…what’s so hard about it? Well, if you’re trying to get by on a strict budget (which means you’re shopping in [...]

Closet Hacks for Apartment Dwellers

One of the most frustrating things about the average apartment closet is that it averages about 4 feet in length — which is great if you’re the only one using the closet (and you’re not a wardrobeophile. Which I guarantee is totally a real word.) But if you share your [...]

Diverse Tunes in Detroit

Diverse Tunes in Detroit
The musical swings were created by the Montreal based design studio, Daily Tous Les Jours. The installation was in cooperation with the Detroit 300 Conservancy, Quicken Loans and John S. and James L. Knight [...]

How to Take Advantage of a Loft Apartment’s High Walls

When you get right down to it, loft apartments have one truly unique feature that sets them apart from any other: the loftiness. As in, the ceiling of the main room of the loft apartment is generally meaningfully taller than any regular room in any regular apartment (or even house!). But [...]

The Advantages of a Downtown Apartment

Every once in a while, we overhear a conversation involving one of our tenants who says something like this: “I’m not sure why I chose to live downtown. It’s just so…” and then out comes some high-quality reasons why anyone might choose to go hang their hat out [...]

Maximizing a Minimalist Studio Apartment Bedroom Closet

One of the most painful parts of moving into a studio apartment — at least, for some of us — is the tiny little closets that many such pads offer up. When your dresser already takes up too many valuable square feet, you don’t want to sacrifice another dozen or more with [...]

Maximizing a Minimalist Studio Apartment Bathroom

It’s insanely easy, even if you think you’re a no-nonsense ‘man’s man’ (what does that even mean nowadays?), to spend a ridiculous amount of money on self-maintenance paraphernalia. The commercial world really wants you to believe that you need to combat [...]