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‘Doors at Seven…': How to Spend an Incredible Day—and Night—in Detroit!

Posted on November 6th, 2014 in: Detroit, Detroit Events, Detroit Food, Detroit Music, Detroit Sports with the tags:
Fillmore Marquise
I was recently asked by a friend, ‘How would you spend the day in Detroit?’ Ironically, because I live here, this isn’t a question I get to consider very often. You see, while there are more things than I can count that I love to do, I get to do them when I feel like doing them. But because there are some [...]

Going Minimalist: the Ultimate in Apartment Decluttering

There’s a powerful urge in American society to gather stuff. Every major celebration we have all year is either about eating, or about eating and getting more stuff.  Even without trying, a decade of standard adult Christmases and birthdays and anniversaries and whatnot can result [...]

Cutting Edge: How to Create a Smart Apartment

Smart homes are all the rage among the one-percenters these days — but there’s no reason that you couldn’t put together your own ‘smart apartment’ by taking full advantage of the technology that the smart home movement is creating. It takes a modest [...]

‘The Dinner Party’ You Don’t Want to Miss Detroit!

You won’t find ‘more slow moving wicker vehicles’ in this city. Detroit is the Motor City, and soon-to-be home to the M1 Rail. And while you might not get invited to ‘The Dinner Party’ at someone’s home this week, you can join your Detroit Family at the ‘Seinfeld Beer [...]

Crossing the Finish Line as a Community: How the Race is Run & Won in Detroit!

Marathon Blog Pic
As of October of last year my Aunt ‘J’ had run in 31 Marathons. I haven’t been able to keep track of how many she’s done in the 365 days since then, but I do know she’s lacing ‘em up once again for The Detroit Free Press Marathon this weekend. I also know that I come nowhere [...]

Apartment Cleaning Hacks For Everyone

Let’s just admit it: it’s a rare person who gets excited about apartment cleaning time. So we’re going to share with you some of the clever ‘cleaning hacks’ we’ve come across in our tenure as landlords and hope we can keep everyone’s place just a [...]

Get Sweet On (& In) Detroit!

Saturday, October 17th is coming up quick, and it’s never too early to start planning a ‘sweet’ night out in Detroit with your ‘sweetie’! Yep. I’m talking about Sweetest Day—which was traditionally a Sadie Hawkin’s version of Valentine’s Day, where women were given the [...]

Find Yourself in the City: New Paths in Detroit

West Detroit RiverWalk Grand Opening Blog pic
Alright. If you drop me in the middle of the woods, there’s a good chance I will find my way out and back to you. No Hansel-and-Gretel-pebble-or-crumb-trail needed. That’s because I grew up surrounded by nature and wilderness. (Okay. And quite possibly my parents attempted this [...]

Detroit Restaurant Week: It’s a Sweet Life (And a Great Week) for Foodies!

DRW Fall 2014 Poster
As of Tuesday, it is officially Sweater-Weather! And with the start of the Fall season, part of me begins to feel a gravitational pull (of the kind you would experience on Jupiter) toward the kitchen…where there is a steaming pot of stew on the stove…. Okay. That’s a crock. (And I [...]

Celebrate Oktoberfest in Detroit!

Oktoberfest Pic
It may be September, but Saturday is the official start of Oktoberfest: and if you can’t be in Munich, Detroit is a great place to celebrate the 16-day festival—which is not just about beer. Well, okay. It is about beer—but it’s a specially brewed beer raised in toast to [...]