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Why Choose to Live in An Apartment?

Posted on August 23rd, 2014 in: Apartment Living with the tags: ,
The media — and the older generation — has an awful lot to say about home ownership. For decades, increasing the number of Americans who own homes has been the stated goal of a meaningful percentage of public policy. But is it always the right choice, or is it sometimes better to live in an apartment? Of [...]

Detroit: Celebrate a History of Victory on Labor Day!

Ever since Harry S. Truman announced his bid for the U.S. Presidency at the 1948 Labor Day festivities in Detroit, it has been a tradition for Democratic candidates (such as Adlai Stevenson, John F. Kennedy Jr., and Lyndon B. Johnson) to declare their intention to run in Detroit. On the [...]

The Five Apartment Cleaning Chores You Absolutely Shouldn’t Ever Skip

The Five Apartment Cleaning Chores You Absolutely Shouldn’t Ever Skip There are a lot of excuses to skip chores in life. You need to get your paper written, get to your daughter’s recital, there’s a Sherlock episode you’ve only seen six times and that needs to be [...]

The [New] Spirit of Detroit!

We’re a city that’s long been known for our manufacturing.  But lately there’s been a shift from the emphasis being on our automobiles to our entrepreneurs. (Not that Detroit doesn’t have a long history of producing those as well: William Boeing, founder of Boeing Aviation; Bill [...]

Apartment Gardening In a Window Box

It doesn’t take a degree in apartment gardening to create a beautiful window-box garden, whether it be for flowers to pretty up your space or herbs to freshen up your cuisine. All you need is the box itself, some potting mix, a watering can, and the plants themselves. (Some liquid [...]

#ISEEDETROIT Photographic Bus Tour

#ISEEDETROIT Photographic Bus Tour
What did we do on Detroit’s 313th birthday? We toured it in style with the Detroit Bus Company and the #ISEEDETROIT Photographic Bus Tour. Check out some of the great sites, some excellent pictures, and hear from some people positive about Detroit’s future. We also made a [...]

Soiree on the Greenway: Another ‘Way’ Detroit Makes Connections that Count!

Detroit You Are Here Riverfront
Okay. Let’s just get this out there first. It’s much more fun to say “I’m going to a Soirée…” than to say “I’m going to a party.” The word soirée itself suggests something outside the norm, something special, something magical. And Rivière28’s Soirée on the [...]

Pest Control For Apartment Living

There’s little more startling than standing in your kitchen late at night, pondering a snack, and seeing a mouse scuttle across your floor — and little more gross than seeing a cockroach instead. Many apartments charge an extra fee for pest control, and a lot of apartment [...]

How to Hit it Out of the Park with House-Guests in Detroit!

Detroit Historical Museum
Last year at this time, I thought I was going to face an interesting challenge. My 17-year-old niece was coming from Puerto Rico to stay with me for a week in Detroit. Factors that led me to believe this would be a challenge:  Factor #1: Thus far on the Cactus-to-Fern-to-Dog-to-Child [...]

The First-Time Renter’s Shopping List

There’s a lot to think about the first time you move into your own place — even if you’ve lived in a dorm for a few years, the college provides an awful lot that you might never consider. So in order to make sure that the first-time renters of the world don’t miss [...]