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The Psychology of Renting an Apartment

Posted on November 26th, 2016 in: Apartment Living with the tags: , ,
Everyone thinks that the way they think is normal, and that most everyone thinks the same way they do. That’s just plain not the case, no matter how normal you actually are — and the wide variation in psychological biases can be seen in activities as everyday as choosing what to eat for dinner or as rare [...]

Celebrating Thanksgiving (and EVERY Day) in Detroit!

I’m thankful for many things in life, but every day I am especially thankful I made the decision to move to a Downtown Detroit loft a little over seven years ago now. In terms of thankfulness, Thursday will be no different—except for it being the day our nation designates for [...]

How to Make a Kick-Butt Thanksgiving Dinner for One

Thanksgiving dinner — if you don’t have anyone to eat it with, it can be easy to just pour some boiling water over some noodles and call it good. But Thanksgiving isn’t just about saying thank you to the powers that be for the good stuff in your life — it’s [...]

How President Trump is Already Affecting Rents

This is weird, but it’s actually happening. No, not the election itself — just a bizarre twist of the aftermath. The moment that Donald Trump was elected, the world’s stock markets took a massive nosedive, and one of the many ripple effects of that was that the annual [...]

Moving Into a Detroit Loft Apartment with your S.O.

There’s a world of difference between moving into a Detroit loft apartment with a roommate or two, and moving in with someone that you plan to spend the rest of your life (or at least the foreseeable future) living with. Choices have to be made more carefully, because their impacts [...]

Breaking Bread (and Breakfasting) with Friends in Detroit!

One of the perks of living in a Downtown Detroit loft that is above an incredible Brunch spot is that the Hudson Café offers The Lofts of Merchants Row residents ‘Room Service,’ so we can get their delicious dishes delivered straight to our door every day. Another perk of living in a [...]

Did You Know November is the Best Time to Rent an Apartment?

Research by ApartmentGuide reveals an aspect of the apartment rental market that we at the Lofts of Merchants Row have kind of known for a while, but never really put thought to: the best month to move into a new apartment is November. Supply and Demand According to ApartmentGuide, and [...]

The Complete Guide to Apartment-Kitchen Chinese Food, Part 3

So…we got a pretty big reaction to our Complete Guide to Apartment-Kitchen Chinese Food from earlier this month — but that reaction was divided equally between “Awesome!” and “But where’s all the deep fried stuff we love?”  OK, you win! Here’s [...]

The 5 Best Eats Walkable From the Lofts at Merchant’s Row

Walkability is a big concern for people moving to downtown Detroit’s favorite loft apartments — and there’s few things more important to walk to than the best eats in town. So here’s a list of the best places to get a good meal within walking distance of the Lofts [...]

How to Turn On the Autumn in Your Apartment

Every season is iconic in its own ways, but autumn has easily the most obvious elements of style. The transition from summer’s sky blues, sun yellows, and mature-grass greens to autumn’s panoply of orange, yellow, rust (never red!), tan, and brown is one that dominates the [...]