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Turning an Apartment Bathroom into an Oasis

Posted on March 27th, 2015 in: Apartment Living with the tags: ,
Apartment bathrooms are, almost universally, just about the most functional things in existence. Inexpensive linoleum floors, inexpensive laminate countertops, inexpensive fixtures on the tub and sink, and of course blank off-white walls. So how can you take that generic, Spartan space and turn it into a place you can [...]

Two Legal Ways to Make Side Money in Your Apartment

Most rental agreements have a clause in them that specifies that you’re not allowed to run a business out of your apartment. There’s a good reason for that — zoning laws, tax questions, and other legal issues can turn your business into your landlord’s nightmare if [...]

Celebrate Spring in Detroit: Give The ‘D’ a Daisy Day!

Flowers in Loft Pic
Giving someone a flower to show you care is a pretty longstanding tradition—longstanding as in, there are references to the tradition going back to the Bible and pre-biblical times…when the medicinal value of flowers and herbs meant the gift of a flower was a truly caring gesture. [...]

Don’t Get Caught in a Micro-Apartment! Here’s Why

It started in New York at the end of 2013 — or, depending on how you look at it, in Japan in the late 90s — but the phenomenon of the microapartment is coming to an urban core near you. A ‘microapartment,’ if you’re unfamiliar, is an apartment that tops out [...]

St. Patrick’s Day in Detroit: Celebrating Love, Loyalty, and Friendship

Pewabic Tile
Pewabic Claddagh Tile – image courtesy of Pewabic   It’s pretty well accepted that on March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is Irish. And, aside from the fact that ‘The D’ is by far the best place to celebrate the holiday, this inclusive aspect of the holiday speaks [...]

A Feng Shui Primer for Apartment Dwellers

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese study of the flow of ch’i energy around a space. Ch’i, which translates in a lot of ways but most literally means ‘breath’ and most accurately to the concept means ‘life energy.’ Ch’i is the force that sustains [...]

How to Unclog Anything In Your Apartment

Plumbing systems clog — all of them. It’s a fact of life. But a clogged tub, sink, or toilet doesn’t have to mean an expensive call to a plumber. In fact, most of you already have everything you need to handle almost any clog you could come across — without [...]

The Best of Both Worlds: Pairings that Make Detroit a Great Place to Live, Work & Play!

Wine and Piano Pairing
It’s human nature to like things in pairs, and having doubles has worked out well for us: from Noah’s Ark to double-stick popsicles (who didn’t love how the second popsicle always got even more deliciously gooey in the wrapper by the time you’d finished the first!) to Little [...]

7 Great Things about Living in a Downtown Apartment

Living in an apartment is a solid life choice — renting might be more expensive than paying a mortgage each month, but that’s only one tiny part of the total picture. Here’s why we find that having a rental in the urban core is a great decision:   It Costs [...]

5 Things You Should Know About Renter’s Insurance

Insurance exists because things go wrong, basically constantly. We’re all essentially just operating on the assumption that those things will go wrong with other people — but all too often, we’re wrong. That’s why we have insurance. Unfortunately, insurance is one [...]