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I Love it When a Plan Comes Together: Fun & [New] Friends in Detroit!

Posted on April 27th, 2015 in: Detroit with the tags:
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Every month my Detroit Loft puts on a Resident Event where I get to get together with the friends and neighbors I already know. Of course, I could do that myself. (And I do—I live in Downtown Detroit…it isn’t hard to get people together for a good time!) Even when I make plans myself, living in Downtown Detroit [...]

Greening Your Apartment Can Grow Your Budget, Too

Among the best moments in modern American life are those moments when you realize that doing something right can also be profitable (or, in terms of the typical apartment-dweller’s budget, cost-saving). As it turns out, many of the practices that are best for your home environment [...]

When The Zombies Reach Detroit — Will You Be Ready?

There are several solid websites on the Internet devoted to ‘apartment prepping’ — but one thing that they all seem to have in common is the suggestion that you use your car as a mobile home-base, keeping a variety of emergency gear there for convenience.  But the 2012 [...]

5 Clever Ways to Maximize Precious Apartment Real Estate

Don’t get us wrong — the Lofts at Merchants Row are far from your standard-fare miniature living spaces. But they’re also not quite your typical single-family residence, and if you have a few people making their live happen in a single apartment, it is possible to find [...]

An Easy 10-Minute Workout You Can Do in Any Room of Your Apartment

All you need to do these simple, effective exercises is a chair and 10 minutes — it’s the perfect apartment-dwellers no-time-for-the-gym workout!   Chair Dips Sit on the edge of your chair, and plant your hands on the front corners. Scoot your bum off of the front edge of [...]

Let’s Play (Ball)!: Opening Day in Detroit!

Opening Day 2015 Blog
My ‘Spring Training’ for Opening Day in Detroit is essentially effortless. I wake up, look out my bedroom windows at Comerica Park, get Little Dog outfitted in her Detroit Tigers jersey, walk out the front door of my Downtown Detroit loft…and I’m right in the midst of the [...]

Turning an Apartment Bathroom into an Oasis

Apartment bathrooms are, almost universally, just about the most functional things in existence. Inexpensive linoleum floors, inexpensive laminate countertops, inexpensive fixtures on the tub and sink, and of course blank off-white walls. So how can you take that generic, Spartan space [...]

Two Legal Ways to Make Side Money in Your Apartment

Most rental agreements have a clause in them that specifies that you’re not allowed to run a business out of your apartment. There’s a good reason for that — zoning laws, tax questions, and other legal issues can turn your business into your landlord’s nightmare if [...]

Celebrate Spring in Detroit: Give The ‘D’ a Daisy Day!

Flowers in Loft Pic
Giving someone a flower to show you care is a pretty longstanding tradition—longstanding as in, there are references to the tradition going back to the Bible and pre-biblical times…when the medicinal value of flowers and herbs meant the gift of a flower was a truly caring gesture. [...]

Don’t Get Caught in a Micro-Apartment! Here’s Why

It started in New York at the end of 2013 — or, depending on how you look at it, in Japan in the late 90s — but the phenomenon of the microapartment is coming to an urban core near you. A ‘microapartment,’ if you’re unfamiliar, is an apartment that tops out [...]