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Free Activities in Downtown Detroit: The Activity Pass

Posted on July 24th, 2016 in: Detroit Events, Detroit Landmarks with the tags:
One of the most treasured parts of living in downtown anywhere is the plethora of sweet things you can do with just a few minutes’ planning and a few blocks’ walk. But Detroit is special among all of the metropoles of the United States, because we have something called the Michigan Activity Pass, or [...]

How to Throw an Apartment Party, Part III: Maintaining Flow

A party that flows is a party that everyone will remember fondly. A party that stagnates or is hyperkinetic is one that will be forgotten — or remembered less-than-fondly. So how do you keep your apartment party flowing? With these relatively straightforward steps! Party Rules For [...]

How to Throw an Apartment Party, Part II: How to Set Up

Even if you nail the density of partygoers/sq.ft., you can still end up with a crappy party if your space isn’t arranged to enable whatever activity the party revolves around. Assuming your party is intended to be a fairly typical mix of chatting, playing a game or two, and possibly [...]

How to Throw an Apartment Party, Part 1: How Many, How Long

Some people think that “I live in an apartment” and “I want to throw a killer party” are two mutually-exclusive statements. Those people have never kicked it at the Lofts of Merchants Row; loft apartments are great for throwing parties, as long as you don’t [...]

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Downtown Detroit?

Downtown Detroit is an amazing place to live for a huge variety of reasons, but the cost…well, it’s not one of them. Today, we’re going to take a realistic look at how much it costs to move here. Not to live here, mind you, this is just about getting here in the first [...]

Smart Security Tech for the Modern Renter

Smart Security Tech for the Modern Renter
Apartments like the Lofts at Merchants Row are pretty solid, security-wise. With a doorman on duty all day and a video feed for call-to-unlocks at night, it’s pretty tough to get inside the Lofts in the first place. But what if, right? What if something nearly-impossible happens and [...]

Organizing Your Refrigerator on a Budget

Most people don’t really stop and think that much about organizing their refrigerator. Milk goes on top, veggies go on the bottom, bottles in the drawer…what’s so hard about it? Well, if you’re trying to get by on a strict budget (which means you’re shopping in [...]

Detroit Loft Expansion Opening Event

Detroit Loft Expansion Opening Event
The Lofts of Merchants Row expansion grand opening at the Valpey building downtown Detroit.

Soundproofing Your Apartment (Without the Landlord’s Say-So)

Even the most carefully-constructed apartment building can have issues with sound transference — especially from floor to ceiling below, but occasionally through other means as well. Generally, our response to noise complaints during the ‘noise is allowed’ timeframe is [...]

Detroit Book King

Detroit Book King
John King has collected over a million books in his lifetime. The problem is he never has time to read, he say’s he has too many books. So he sells them.