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Sweet Cleaning Hacks for Annoying Apartment Elements

Posted on February 12th, 2016 in: Apartment Living with the tags: , ,
There’s some stuff that just sucks to clean — trust me, we know it. We clean up every one of our Detroit loft apartments from capstone to baseboard every time one of our tenants moves out! That’s why we’ve gathered together a host of cleaning tips that can make relatively short work of even the [...]

This Valentine’s Day Go for The Win in Detroit!

background photo taken by flickr user ifmuth - flickr
Here are my recommendations for where and how you should celebrate your Sweetie in the city we all love based on your love (or your best guy or gal’s love) for our local sports’ teams! Alright, I know this may not be the most romantic approach to Valentine’s Day, but, hey, I’m [...]

How to Care for Rental Furniture in a Detroit Loft Apartment

Detroit loft apartments tend to be a little bit harder on furniture than your typical closed-in, ground-floor pad. That’s because the windows tend to be larger, which means more sunlight pouring in — great for your vitamin D levels, not so great for your rental furniture. [...]

Get Your Fit On in Detroit!

Spirit of Detroit
It takes a lot to get fit and to stay fit….more than just those 31 days in January when the resolution is ‘new.’ Both ‘Sticking With It’ and ‘Changing It Up’ are key to keeping it fresh and keeping to going—whether you’re getting in shape or staying in shape—no matter [...]

How to Keep a Pet in a Detroit Loft Apartment

When you rent from the Lofts of Merchants Row or some other Detroit loft apartment, having a pet means putting down a pretty significant deposit (if it’s allowed at all). But because a loft apartment is pretty much defined by being not on ground level, it can be difficult to keep a [...]

The Ultimate Housekeeping Guide

Housekeeping in a loft apartment seems like it should be easier if you live alone — after all, there’s only one person making a mess, right? Well, as it turns out, it’s not always that easy. Having two people cleaning can be kind of like splitting the electric bill: [...]

When It’s Just You And Your Loft: A Woman Alone

A woman living alone has a few extra concerns compared to a dude. Not just because dudes don’t give a crap about stuff — that’s a horrible stereotype that needs to die a bloody death — but because, well, dudes are massively less likely to be victimized by [...]

When It’s Just You And Your Loft: Furnishing Your First Pad

So you just moved into a loft apartment overlooking downtown Detroit, and everything is awesome…except that your first pad still doesn’t have any real furniture to speak of. Fear not — like most things in life, this is a dilemma that has been faced down by many a person [...]

New Resolutions: Find Your Way to Success by Living in Detroit!

Resolutions Blog 2016 Map Pic
It’s that time of year when ‘Resolutions’ are on everyone’s mind. We make them. People tell us theirs. We share ours. All this buzz about New Year’s resolutions got me thinking about the word resolution itself and what it means…especially with regard to the city and life in [...]

When It’s Just You And Your Loft: Solo Budgeting

Living alone — particularly in a loft apartment in downtown Detroit where everything takes this much longer and costs this much more than you expect — can really detonate your budget. So how do you avoid that? Here are some clutch insights into the art of budgeting when you [...]