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A Canvas of Life: Art Openings, Intersections, and the Beauty of Living in Detroit!

Posted on July 22nd, 2014 in: Detroit, Detroit Art, Detroit Events with the tags:
Library Street Collective
There is absolutely no question that an Opening Night at Library Street Collective is a not-to-miss event and I’m excited about each and every one far in advance. And their upcoming Opening, on Friday, July 25th, promises to stay true to this. But I’ve been excited about this show—Sleep: The Science and the [...]

8 Tips for Keeping Your Pets Apartment Friendly

Lots of apartments, including the Lofts, do our best to accommodate pets. After all, what brings more light into your life than a fuzzy little creature that loves you? But allowing pets into your life puts you in the role of ‘parent,’ which means it’s up to you to make [...]

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Detroit!

Welcome to the Neighborhood
A recent article in GOOD, “Meet Your Neighbors Without Seeming like a Crazy Person,” struck me for two reasons. One, I had just seen a recent article on, well, let’s just say interesting if not creative (or appetizing) Jell-O Salad Molds. And, two, the when you live in Downtown [...]

Expressions of Detroit River Days

Expressions of Detroit River Days
Detroit River Days is a great time to see all that downtown has to offer. There are rides for kids, the river walk fountains, vendors, performers, artists, tours of ships, and of course beautiful views of the Detroit [...]

How to Survive a Nightmare Neighbor

One of the worst fears of anyone moving into a new apartment is that the neighbors will, for lack of a more graceful term, suck. What do you do if you end up next to the Neighbor from Hell? Here’s a few good ideas. Be Prepared to Take the Initiative Simply put, if you aren’t [...]

Downtown Detroit People Watching

Downtown Detroit People Watching
Fourth of July parties, business people, fun seekers and random people walking around during the day. Downtown Detroit is a great place for people watching with an eclectic mix of people and activities. Throw in the Lofts of Merchants Row Resident’s Summer Party and you have a [...]

Hack Your Apartment With These Everyday Objects

The popularity of websites like LifeHacker.com make it clear: everyone loves a ‘secret’ trick to simplifying your life, and apartment dwellers are no exception. The chances are excellent that something you have sitting around in your space can hack your apartment, and you had [...]

Score a Win: Where to Watch Tuesday’s World Cup Games in Detroit!

us soccer ball
It’s the last day of the Round of 16, and our last set of recommendations on where to watch the Knockout Stage matches of the World Cup! Tuesday, July 1st Noon (Switzerland v. Argentina) Switzerland may be known for its neutrality, but when it comes to their National Football Team, La [...]

Monday’s Matches: Where to Watch The World Cup in Detroit!

Down With Detroit Logo
Even if there were 10 times as many teams in the Round of 16, we still wouldn’t have any difficulty recommending great restaurants to watch the games at—or just where to go to have a delicious meal and a great time. Monday, June 30th Noon (France v. Nigeria) In 2010, the same year as [...]

Sunday Fun-Day in the City: Where to Watch The World Cup in Detroit!

world-cup-martini 2
Tomorrow is Day Two of the Knockout Stage, and we’re knocking out more non-traditional recommendations on where you can watch the World Cup and catch FIFA-Fever in Detroit (while also enjoying the international flare and diverse deliciousness that is dining out in The D)! Sunday, June [...]