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Detroit: Two Big Cats, a ‘Bird,’ and a City of Champions!

Posted on April 22nd, 2014 in: Detroit, Detroit Events, Detroit Sports with the tags: , ,
Hail Champs
This Thursday, April 24th, the Detroit Tigers will be finishing up a three-team, ten-day homestand. The Red Wings, who are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs (for a 23rd consecutive season), will be playing Boston at home. It was actually on the same day, April 24th, in 1901, that the Detroit Tigers took to the field in [...]

Celebrate ‘Spring’ with Detroit Restaurant Week!

DRW Spring 2014
It’s the Spring season of Detroit Restaurant Week! And, as usual, I turned to Chef Tom of the Hudson Café and The Jagged Fork for his suggestions…because not only does he love food (I got that part down), he knows food. (I mean, I recognize it when I see it, but I cannot always tell [...]

Keeping Your Apartment Secure

When you’re looking for a new place to live, safety should always be one of the concerns on your mind. Apartments’ amenities, location, and price are all very important, but none of them will seem important if you learn that there’s a good likelihood of someone stumbling [...]

Making Connections, One Step at a Time, in Detroit

Detroit Street Pic
Sascha Drewlo is used to making connections: from the ones you don’t want to miss during international travel to the links between cause and effect.  Or, more specifically in Sascha’s case, between condition and cure. He moved to Detroit a little over a year ago to found Drewlo Lab, [...]

Greening Your Apartment – The Computer Edition

The Lofts at Merchant Row would like to introduce a new regular ‘column’ (‘bit’? ‘segment’? We watch too much of the Jon Daily show) called ‘Greening Your Apartment’.  Not green as in paint or plants, but as in ‘going green’: [...]

Hit It OUT of the Park on Opening Day Detroit!

Opening Day Blog Pic
On Monday, March 31st, Detroit welcomes home the 2013 American League Central Division Champs…our Detroit Tigers. The Tigers’ Home Opener is always a day full of celebrations in our city, with a full roster of talent. And when you have a team of Champions, you know you’re going to [...]

12 Tips for Making the Most of Your Apartment

1: Bring the Light Drape your windows in a way that maximizes the light that makes it in. Consider hanging a mirror nearby at a right angle to catch as much extra light as you can. Keeping your windows and screens clean will keep the light coming in as well. 2: Keep the Furniture [...]

Nine Beautiful Plants to Clean Your Apartment’s Air

It’s approaching Spring, which means that if you have a place out in the country, you can open your curtains and see beautiful green — and open your windows for fresh air. One of the few downsides to living right in the beating heart of downtown is that your windows open up to [...]

Meeting Up for a ‘Win’ (and some Wings!) in Downtown Detroit!

The first eating contest on record may be the one between the Norse god Loki and Logi. Traveling with Thor, Loki arrives at the castle of Útgarða-Loki and they are told they can stay only if they prove themselves by performing a feat… Immediately, Loki claims he can eat faster than [...]

Blistering Broomball!

Blistering Broomball!
“Broomball is like hockey for people that can’t skate.” Watch two teams compete in an inter-mural broomball league played at the ice rink in Campus Martius, downtown [...]