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Feng Shui for Loft Studio Apartments

Posted on April 30th, 2016 in: Apartment Living with the tags: , ,
Feng Shui — the Eastern art of balancing the energies within a space to produce the kind of energy that makes you love to live there — has a lot of rules that seem contradictory with a loft studio apartment. Concepts like ‘face your desk away from the back wall, toward the door’ just [...]

(Southern) Comfort (Food), Incredible Conversation, Cocktails, & Check-Ins at Detroit Hot Spots

Wings and Things
When I moved to Downtown Detroit, I did it so I could easily explore places that were new to me. I wanted to immerse myself in city life, and being able to walk to all the places that I wanted to spend my time more than made up for the fact that I have to drive 35 miles out of Detroit [...]

4 Creative Ways to Define Spaces in a Studio Apartment

Detroit’s studio apartments are an excellent, inexpensive option for people who are looking for a straightforward place to stay. How, though, do you maximize the space in a studio? While the wide-open layout is great for avoiding claustrophobia, ironically, it can actually make the [...]

4 Tips for Maximizing a Loft Studio Apartment

There are lots of reasons why a loft studio apartment may be right or wrong for a given person — but even for those people who perfectly fit a loft studio, there are plenty of ways you can mess it up if you don’t use the space cleverly. Here are five simple things you can do [...]

How to Land an Apartment If You’re Self-Employed

Being self-employed has a lot of benefits — setting your own hours, choosing your clients, doing some or all of your work from home — but not getting a regular paycheck has some significant drawbacks as well. Attempting to prove your income to anyone who asks (say, a landlord) [...]

How Living in a Downtown Detroit Loft has Saved Me Time, Money, and Sanity…While Allowing Me to Bank Memories that are Priceless!

  If you’ve followed this blog, you already know I’m kind of big on scheduling, tracking, organizing, and optimizing efficiency. If you haven’t read previous blogs, let me just sum it up: in my previous career, I used to manage logistics, finding ways to be more productive [...]

How to Scout Out a New Apartment From Out-of-State

Apartment hunting is hard — trebly so when you can’t walk in and smell and touch a place. The Internet, however, makes all manner of amazing achievements possible, and one of those is new-apartment hunting without being on-scene. The key is knowing where to look. The obvious [...]

Peanuts, Cracker Jack, and MORE in Detroit!!! How a Tiger Fan & Foodie Celebrates Opening Day!

Kirk Gibson Homerun 1984
My ‘Spring Training’ for Opening Day in Detroit is essentially effortless. I wake up, look out my bedroom windows at Comerica Park, get Little Dog outfitted in her Detroit Tigers jersey, walk out the front door of my Downtown Detroit loft…and I’m right in the midst of the [...]

Apartment Hunting Tips from a Lifelong Landlord

OK, so admittedly, I haven’t actually been a landlord for my entire life — but it’s been a long time. I’ve talked to somewhere between hundreds and thousands of apartment hunters, and I’ve heard so many stories of what worked and what didn’t that [...]

Get it ‘Right’ on Opening Day in Detroit!

Detroit Tigers Opening Day 2016
On Friday, April 8th, Tigers Fans celebrate Detroit’s Home Opener. The weather forecasters may be predicting the coldest Opening Day on record, but Our Boys plan on throwing some heat this season with five right-handed starting pitchers. If that sounds familiar, it should: We had five [...]