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Living Alone in an Apartment: Unforeseen Challenges

Posted on June 27th, 2015 in: Apartment Living with the tags: ,
When you first move out of your home/dorm/commune/whatever and into an apartment, you can count on one thing: you will discover some unexpected challenges to living all by yourself. That’s why the Lofts at Merchants Row has put together this short guide to living alone and loving it.   Economies of [...]

Apartment Hacking Principles: Store Your Stuff as Decorations

There’s a lot of advice for living in an apartment out there, but not many people spend time talking about the principles behind their concepts. This is how you learn to creatively rearrange your life to suit your needs — by learning the why behind all these huge lists of [...]

The Loft’s Apartment Move-Out Cleaning Tips, Part 1

So you have to move out of your apartment, which means you have to clean it top-to-bottom. That’s never a fun prospect. We’ll assume you know the basics of what you have to do — if not, ask your landlord and they’ll most certainly tell you. What follows here is a [...]

Pet Owner’s Hacks for Apartment Living

Owning a pet while living in an apartment can be a bit of a stress-inducing prospect at times. Pets have an amazing tendency to do things that landlords hate, mostly when you’re out or you have guests over. While some pet training and ‘behavior modification’ methods are [...]

Lafayette Greens Detroit

Lafayette Greens Detroit
Lafayette Greens is a community garden owned by the nonprofit farming and tree-planting organization The Greening of Detroit.

Coming Home to a Community: Celebrate the Spirit (& Success) of Detroit Today…and Tomorrow!

Photo: Andrew Langdal  www.andrewlangdal.com
Photo: Andrew Langdal www.andrewlangdal.com I get to come home to the city I love every day. I live and play in Downtown Detroit, but I work 35 miles outside of the city and do the ‘reverse-commute’ up and down I-75. I never fail to feel a thrill as the skyline comes into view. But I [...]

Drinking with Dogs in Detroit: The Places You’ll Go, the People You’ll Meet with Your Pup in the City!

Drinking with Dogs Blog Pic
A Big Dog and a Little Dog walk into a bar… Alright, don’t wait for the punchline. That isn’t a joke. It’s what’s actually going to happen next Tuesday when Canine to Five kicks off their Drinking with Dogs summer event series in Detroit! Granted, most of the time when people [...]

How to Stay Cool at Night (Even In a Downtown Loft Apartment)

Staying cool while you sleep isn’t easy — especially when you live a few-to-several stories above a heat-producing urban streetscape. Here’s a few tips from some long-term Detroit loft apartment dwellers on how to beat the heat of a summer night:   Get Cotton [...]

One Weekend, Three Days, Six Stages, 140+ Performances and All-Night Afterparties: Experience Movement in Detroit!

Movement Pic
Photo Credit: Movement Detroit People are always talking about where the city I live in and love—Detroit—is headed. There are countless rankings, ratings, rants, and Buzzfeeds (and, yes, I just plural-nouned that) on ‘The D.’ The opinions or predictions vary from the [...]

The Ultimate Apartment Bathroom Cleaning Guide

Keeping your apartment bathroom clean can be a challenge, especially if you’re the type who doesn’t spend much time at home except to sleep and shower. By breaking it down into four simple lists — daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonally — you can keep the cleanup [...]